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The Magic Watch - Part - II

Wow, it's pretty dark in here.

What do you see Amanda?

Ummm...I can see a pretty lady. She's got a princess kind of crown on her head.

And I hear a voice way far away saying something that sounds like Duchess something. Ro...Roma...something like that.

What else do you see?

Oh Wow!. Check out all this sparkly jewelry stuff !
It's just sort of floating in front of me!

Describe it Amanda.

There's something all diamondy. Probably a pin.
It looks a little bit like that Thanksgiving thing, the whatchamacallit.
The horn of plenty.

What else?

And there's a giant blue stone. It's oval. No, that's not right. The setting is oval. But the stone is almost diamond shape. It's surrounded by a bunch of small diamonds and gold. Some of it is little diamond shapes. Sort of filagree stuff. That's interesting. It looks like a ring but it doesn't have the ring part. Only the top.

Boy, that's huge! That blue stone is about the size of the......



What is it Amanda?

I feel like I'm moving. It's getting real dark and there's a lot of sparkles again. They're sort of pulsing off and on.

Time to come back I think, Amanda.

What, I have to come back right NOW?

Yes, Amanda. HURRY! Right NOW!

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