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Sean was very excited. All the kids had Monday off from school, and his father had promised to take him sledding. They often went sledding, but today was even more special. Sean's father had told him of a hill that was bigger and longer than any hill he had ever seen before.

After a short drive, Sean's father stopped the car. He pulled a two-man sled out of the trunk. Across a snow swept field they walked. The snow was deep, and soon Sean became tired.

"Are we almost there?" asked Sean.

His father, walking a few feet ahead of him, turned around and replied, "Won't be long now, Sean."

A few minutes passed.

"Are we almost there?" asked Sean, his voice growing impatient.

"Were getting close, Sean," replied his father.

A few more minutes passed.

"Are we almost…"

"Yes we are," interrupted his Father, and suddenly he stopped.

Sean ran through the deep snow to catch up with his father. When he finally made it to his fathers side, he couldn't believe his eyes. Right there in front of him was the biggest and longest hill he had ever seen! His father was right.

"Wow, Dad!" he shouted. "This is an awesome hill!"

Sean and his father stood for a few moments admiring the hill, and then without hesitation they mounted the sled together and perched themselves at the very edge of the hill.

"On your mark!" they yelled.

"Get set!"


The sled tumbled down the hill, bouncing and bumping, and picking up speed. Sean held on tight to the rope, and Dad held on tight to Sean.

The sled headed straight for a big jump.


They flew through the air, holding on for dear life.

"Yahoo!" screamed Sean, as the sled landed.

Down the hill the sled went, picking up more and more speed.

Suddenly, they noticed a bunch of trees coming up fast in front of them. They quickly leaned one way, then the other, then the other, just missing them.

"Yahoo!" screamed Sean, as they brushed by the last tree.

The sled continued to barrel down the hill, bumping and grinding, twisting and turning until finally the ground leveled out, and the sled came to rest.

"Wow!" shouted Sean. "That was fun."

"Can we go again, Dad?"

His Father got up off the sled.

"Yeah!" his Father said enthusiastically. Let's do it again."

Then he looked up. Waaayyyyyyyyyyyyy up.

"Yikes!" muttered Sean's father. "That's a long way up."

Sean's father grabbed the sled and he started up the hill, already a few yards behind Sean. Together they trudged through the deep snow, inching their way to the top.

"Sean?" his father gasped, exhausted from the climb.

"Yeah, Dad?" replied Sean, looking back.

"Are we almost there?"

"Yeah Dad," Sean laughed. "It won't be long now."

The Big Hill by Kerwin Basler
Copyright 2001
All Rights Reserved

About The Author: Kerwin Basler is a resident of Manitoba, Canada. When he's not writing children's stories, Kerwin works for Minnewasta Golf and Country Club. You may write to Kerwin Basler at

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