The Adventures of

The Adventures of A.G. Bear - By Cynthia Gurin - with illustrations by Jeff Meyers
Copyright 2015 - First Printing 1994

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Book I - Cat Tales, The Tea Party
Book -2- No Matter Where You Go, There You Are

Book -3- Chapter Flea
Book -4- Strawberry Fields, Wherever
Book -5- Night-Time Is The Time To Sleep

Book -6- Things That Go Snnaarrrrkk In The Night

Background: The Making of The Adventures of A.G. Bear









Book 1: Cat Tales
The Tea Party


Amanda Grey has three best friends;
her kitty, Isadora Le Chat,
her teddy bear, A.G. Bear,
...and of course there's Mrs. Duck.


Well, of course she's a duck, what did you think she'd be, an alligator??

Miss Amanda loves to entertain, and her friends are often invited to tea. To her parents amazement, Amanda's friends not only enjoy tea parties, they appear delighted to be invited to dress for the occasion.

Mrs. Duck wears her best pearls, and Isadora LeChat often tucks a flower behind her ear.

A.G. Bear? well, teddy bears have always dressed nicely for tea parties.

Miss Amanda sets a beautiful table. She and her Mommy have spent hours rummaging through the attic, looking through bags and boxes and trunks to find just the right things.

They've found odds and ends, and bits and pieces of silverware and china. They even found an old tea service. Although badly tarnished, and a good part of the silver plating long since worn away, Miss Amanda has polished and polished until the silver fairly gleams!. As for the table's centerpiece, well, it was a bit of a struggle getting the label off that old blue bottle, but it looks ever so nice, doesn't it?

During one particular tea party, Miss Amanda and her friends had just seated themselves, when Miss Amanda heard a voice calling her back to the house.

She arose, and politely excused herself, asking Mrs. Duck to assume the role of hostess during her absence.

The Tea Party

Isadora Le Chat, A.G. Bear, and Mrs. Duck sat sociably around a small table in the shaded garden.

More milk for your tea, Isadora? asked Mrs. Duck, holding a shiny little silver pitcher aloft.

Why, yes... thank you, said Isadora, Don't mind if I do.

A.G.? offered Mrs. Duck.
No thank you, said A.G. Bear, I prefer honey in mine.

Quite right, Mrs. Duck corrected herself. Do forgive me, she said, apologetically, and politely passed the cut crystal honey bowl.

Mrs. Duck nibbled happily, but ever so mannerly, on one of the wonderful little sandwiches cut in the shape of stars and quarter moons and diamonds. The sandwiches, framed by a paper lace doily, were heaped on an antique flowered porcelain platter.

To the right of the sandwiches, was a small silver serving tray, and the elegant centerpiece for the little tea table was a sapphire blue vase of freshly cut daisies.

Mrs. Duck refilled Isadora's pretty little flowered cup from a silver pot which contained catnip tea.

Isadora sighed and stretched ever so delicately, reaching politely for a star-shaped watercress and sardine sandwich.

Isadora dearly loved tea parties, but one simply cannot live by catnip alone.

I've work to do, she scolded herself, And here I am lollygagging over lunch.

Isadora discretely raised her tiny mother-of-pearl inlaid field glasses and gazed longingly towards the nearby orchid tree.

Oh dear, she mused.

So many birds, so little time.

Isadora Le Chat's fondest wish is to someday survey the entire yard and learn the name of every single type of bird that visits.

Isadora,said Mrs. Duck pointedly. What do you think?

Pardon me? inquired Isadora, whose attention had momentarily wandered to the brilliantly plumed songbird perched high in the orchid tree.
The vacation, dear, said Mrs. Duck, cocking her head to one side inquiringly. What do you think?

Having missed the entire first part of the conversation, Isadora was momentarily embarrassed. She turned to A.G. Bear and raised a questioning eyewhisker, shrugging her shoulders ever so slightly.

A.G., thinking nobody was watching, had stuck out his tongue and was trying to retrieve a tiny little dribble of honey from his chin. This accomplished satisfactorily, he was happy to explain.

Miss Amanda's Daddy got a promotion, and to celebrate, he's decided to take the family on a vacation. Maybe we'll go camping, Isadora! A.G. Bear said excitedly. We could go to the national forest! And have a picnic in the woods!

True to his species (and like most Teddy Bears), A.G. Bear was absolutely passionate about picnics.

Or maybe Miss Amanda's Daddy will decide to take us to the lake! Mrs. Duck chimed in, And we could go swimming and water-skiing, and... she paused, out of breath. Mrs. Duck was wild about watersports.
Oh my! Isadora enthused, her imagination afire. Maybe we'll go to the city. Think of it! We could get all dressed up and go to the theater. We might even get to see a Broadway musical ! How thrilling!
WHICH musical? inquired A.G. Bear.
Why CATS! of course! Isadora replied.
A.G. Bear groaned. For goodness sakes, Isadora, you've seen that thing six times.
Well, some of us consider it a classic, Isadora sniffed, mildly insulted.
Now, now, said Mrs. Duck. I'm afraid we've forgotten the most important question. Will we three be invited?

A.G. and Isadora looked at Mrs. Duck in surprise. We'll have to be invited, said A.G. Bear, Why, who would guard Miss Amanda while she slept if not me?

And who would purr her to sleep and keep her toes warm at night if not for me? asked Isadora Le Chat.

True enough, said Mrs. Duck, thoughtfully, Why, if not for me, how could anyone know which was the right direction to go? she mused.
Well, that settles it, said Isadora, Naturally we'll all go. The family needs us.

The Adventures of A.G. Bear

Book 2: Cat Tales
No Matter Where You Go...
There You Are!


Amanda Grey and her family, and her three best friends, (A.G. Bear, Isadora LeChat and Mrs. Duck) were on their way to visit Amanda's Grandma. It was the very first day of their vacation.

Isadora Le Chat and Mrs. Duck sat on either side of Miss Amanda in the back seat of the shiny blue four-wheel drive vehicle which Miss Amanda's Daddy drove. Miss Amanda's Mommy was busy reading directions aloud.

A.G. Bear, perched high in Miss Amanda's lap, undoubtedly had the best view. Except, of course, for the rather large road map which was presently obscuring everyone's vision, in particular that of Miss Amanda's Daddy,

Are we there yet? asked A.G. Bear for about the fiftieth time that hour. Isadora, newly awakened from a cat-nap, rolled her eyes in exasperation.

A.G., dear, said Mrs. Duck patiently, We've only been on the road for half a day, and we've got quite a distance to go before we reach Miss Amanda's grandmother's house.

Mrs. Duck had been elected the group's official navigator, since she'd flown many a mile South in the Winter and back North in the Spring. Isadora Le Chat also had quite a good sense of direction, but A.G. Bear, well, A.G. was totally hopeless when it came to things like time and space.

Probably on account of all the fluff in my head, A.G. Bear had explained, without too much concern.

And don't forget, A.G., reminded Isadora, Miss Amanda's Daddy said that he's going to take his time so that we can stop and see the sights along the way.

What fun! said A.G. Bear, In that case, no matter WHERE we go, there we ARE!
Isadora blinked and shook her head ever so slightly, as if trying to jiggle her brain just enough to make sense out of whatever it was A.G. Bear had just said .
Why yes, dear, just so! said Mrs. Duck, You're exactly right!
Isadora crossed her eyes.

After a while, the purr of the car's engine lulled Isadora Le Chat back to sleep. She awoke just as the car pulled off the road onto a gravel parking area, and Miss Amanda's Daddy shut the engine off.

Where are we? She yawned daintily, looking out at a sprawling white building with what appeared to be an enormous amount of junk in the windows. What are we doing here?

A.G. Bear was fairly bouncing with excitement.

Miss Amanda's Mommy saw a sign that said "Antiques and Flea Market" and we're going to go look inside!

Fleas? said Isadora, horrified. What on earth would Miss Amanda's Mommy want with FLEAS??
Oh, no, no, no! Isadora, said Mrs. Duck reassuringly. Not real fleas. A Flea Market is a place where you find used things. Occasionally one might find a genuinely valuable antique, and sometimes there will even be brand new items, but for the most part, Flea Markets are filled to the brim with older, used things. Sometimes, wonderfully fascinating things!
No fleas? Asked Isadora, glancing doubtfully at the store's interior.
No fleas! stated Mrs. Duck emphatically, as she climbed out of the car and headed for the front door, right behind Miss Amanda, and her Mommy and Daddy.

At least, I don't THINK so, Mrs. Duck murmured to herself.


The Adventures of A.G. Bear

Book 3: Cat Tales
Chapter FLEA!

Amanda Grey and her family, and her three best friends, (A.G. Bear, Isadora LeChat and Mrs. Duck) were on their way to visit Amanda's Grandma. It was the first day of their journey.

Amanda's parents had decided to drive. They decided they would make it a leisurely journey, stopping anyplace along the way that might interest them.

A.G. Bear had been fairly bouncing with excitement. Miss Amanda's Mommy saw a sign that said "Antiques and Flea Market" and we're going to go look inside!

Flea Markets are filled to the brim with older, used things. Sometimes, wonderfully fascinating things! Mrs. Duck had told them.
No fleas? asked Isadora, glancing doubtfully at the store's interior.

No fleas! stated Mrs. Duck emphatically. She looked again. At least, I don't THINK so, Mrs. Duck murmured to herself as they pulled into the building's parking lot.

And so everybody had hopped out of the car.

Isadora Le Chat followed Mrs. Duck from the bright sunlight into the cool, semi-dark store and turned to the first aisle on the right, unlike Miss Amanda's family, who had chosen to walk down the first aisle on the left.

Mommmmm!! shrieked Isadora suddenly, as her eyes quickly adjusted to the dim light inside the store.

Isadora stood rooted to the spot, frozen with terror.

Mommmmmm! she screamed again.

Directly in front of her stood a huge, furry figure with snarling teeth, and sharp claws raised high in the air!

Isadora, dear, calm yourself, said Mrs. Duck, who had been more than a little startled herself, by the apparition of a huge, badly moth eaten old grizzly bear, who had probably been stuffed at least a century before.

For some totally unknown reason, the bear was wearing a hideously flowered Hawaiian shirt, a pair of wrap-around sunglasses, and a bright red Shriners fez, on which the word YEHA was spelled out in sparkling rhinestones. An old Nikon camera rested on the bear's belly, suspended from his neck by worn leather straps.

Isadora quickly regained her self-control, although her little heart was still pounding a mile a minute.

Just then A.G. Bear came through the door and bumped smack into Isadora.

Mommmmmmm!! Isadora howled again, and leaped three feet straight up into the air.

A.G. Bear's eyes opened wide and his jaw dropped a full inch as he looked up into the snarling visage of perhaps some distant, (albeit badly dressed) ancestor.

Isadora, who had landed in a crumpled heap on top of her friend, appeared to have a toe or two entangled in A.G. Bear's tongue.

My goodneth! That wath thertainly thcary, said A.G. Bear, with some difficulty.

Mrs. Duck reached down to help Isadora and A.G. Bear sort themselves out.

A.G. Bear was carefully attempting to remove Isadora's furry little foot with its soft pink toes and very sharp claws from the inside of his mouth.

Phittoooee! said A.G. Bear. Yuck! What did you step in, Isadora?

Are you quite all right, dears? asked Mrs. Duck with great concern. Now, now, there's nothing to be afraid of, she crooned as she patted them each on the head.

Goodness gracious sakes! said Isadora shakily, You don't suppose there's any more of that sort of thing around here, do you?

Probably not, dear, so we may as well go exploring, said Mrs. Duck, and promptly waddled off down the next aisle.

Isadora cast an uneasy backwards glance over her shoulder, giving the tiniest of little growls. With an indignant sniff, and mumbling something about reporting the bear to the fashion police, off she trotted behind Mrs. Duck, this time insisting that A.G. Bear walk in front of her.

Isadora glanced around, taking in the huge piles of what had to be the world's most amazing junk.

Where does all this stuff COME from? asked an incredulous Isadora, Who does it belong to, and how does it all get here?

A.G. Bear giggled at the look on Isadora's face. We all bring it, Isadora. It's sort of like this, he said, gesturing to a rather grimy scrap of paper taped to the shop wall, on which somebody had scrawled a poem, entitled, the...

Flea Market Rap

Someone's cleaned out the attic
Or emptied the garage
Though it often looks like trash,
Sometimes value's no mirage

First we sift it and we sort it
Then we offer it to you--
With a little bit of effort,
It's sometimes just like new!

If you'll take the time to browse,
We can promise you'll be WOWed!
It's a blend of new and old,
For you to have, and you to hold

If you'll walk through at your leisure
We're quite sure you'll find a treasure,
And we guarantee no fleas
(Although the dust might make you sneeze!)

Over here, glove, ball and bat
Over there, top hat and spats!
Find a Lionel train or,
Get all decked out for rain

Here's an ancient steamer trunk
That's still stuffed full of junk,
There's an autographed picture
Of your grandma's favorite hunk

Here's an oriental rug,
Want a plastic encased bug?
How 'bout a busted garden hoe?
Hey, here's a genuine Van Gogh!

From a monogrammed towel
To somebody's old stuffed owl,
You'll find everything from C-Clamps,
To alligator lamps!

Everyone has something,
With-which they don't know WHAT to do,
So they sift it and they sort it,
And they offer it to you.

Cars and trucks are overflowing,
Bringing wondrous things to view,
'Cause, everyone has SOMETHING
That's more interesting to YOU!

Got MORE junk than you can deal with,
Hey, WE know just what to do, by golly,
We... PARK it----
At the Flea MARKET!

Well, that was actually quite interesting, said Isadora Le Chat to Mrs. Duck when they'd finished their shopping and had all gotten back into the car, each of them clutching small bags containing their new found treasures.

I really did have a good time at the Flea Market, after all, Isadora said in surprise.

Miss Amanda's Daddy had found a wonderful red caboose for his antique train set, and her Mommy was sitting in the front seat, smiling, as she admired an exquisitely beaded purse from the 1920's. Miss Amanda herself was happily shuffling her own treasure, an older, but perfectly good deck of cards, for the game "Go Fish".

Mrs. Duck peered with great interest into a tiny bag and carefully pulled out what was obviously one of her very favorite books .

What did you find at the Flea Market, Mrs. Duck? asked A.G. Bear.

Mrs. Duck held the cover up so they could see what she had found. It was "Make Way For Ducklings"

I thought I'd read it to Miss Amanda for a bedtime story, Mrs. Duck said with a smile.

What a wonderful find! said A.G. Bear.

And what a nice thing to do for Miss Amanda! Isadora commended her.

What did you get, A.G.? asked Isadora. A.G. Bear reached into his own little bag. He also pulled out a book.

Which one is it, A.G.? Mrs. Duck questioned him excitedly.

With a great big grin, A.G. Bear held it up for them to see.

It was "The Teddy Bears Picnic"!

I thought I'd read it to Miss Amanda for a bedtime story, explained A.G., with another, more self-conscious grin.

Exceptional find, A.G.! Isadora congratulated him.

Superb, and most thoughtful! agreed Mrs. Duck.

But what about you, Isadora? asked A.G. Bear.

Yes, Isadora, said Mrs. Duck. Show us what you found at the Flea Market!

Isadora, blushing slightly, reached into her own little bag and pulled out yet another well worn, but much loved old book . A very old book. Of Poetry.

What is it Isadora? queried Mrs. Duck and A.G. Bear in unison.

Isadora turned the book around so they could see the title on the front.

"Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats", read Mrs. Duck out loud. She took the book from Isadora, gently opened the cover and read, Written by T.S. Eliot in 1939.

Why, Isadora, Mrs. Duck exclaimed in surprise, reverently handing the book back to Isadora. You've found a true antique here!

I wanted to read the poems to Miss Amanda at bedtime, said Isadora softly. The book is really quite famous, she explained to A.G. Bear and Mrs. Duck. They made the poems into ...into...Isadora's voice trailed off shyly.

Neither Mrs. Duck nor A.G. Bear had read the book before and were puzzled as to how it could possibly be famous if neither of them had ever heard of it.

They made the poems into WHAT Isadora? demanded A.G.

Into a Broadway musical, Isadora replied, her eyes sparkling.

Mrs. Duck and Carmichael still looked puzzled.

But, began Mrs. Duck, I don't recall any Broadway musical named... and then she paused.

A.G. Bear shook his head, shrugged his little furry shoulders and finished Mrs. Duck's sentence for her...Old Possum's Book of Practical...but then A.G. also paused.

A.G. Bear looked at Mrs. Duck. Mrs. Duck looked back at A.G. And then both A.G. Bear and Mrs. Duck looked at Isadora.

And Isadora started to giggle.

CATS ! the two of them shouted in unison.
Old Possum's Book of Practical CATS! that's the one they made into the musical!

Isadorrrrra, they wailed, You even found CATS!

At the FLEA Market!


The Adventures of A.G. Bear

Book 4: Cat Tales
Strawberry Fields, Wherever

Amanda Grey and her family, and her three best friends, (A.G. Bear, Isadora LeChat and Mrs. Duck) were on their way to visit Amanda's Grandma. It was the second day of their journey.

Amanda's parents had decided to drive. They decided they would make it a leisurely journey, stopping anyplace along the way that might interest them. Yesterday, for instance, they had stopped to explore a combination Antique Store and Flea Market.

The day had dawned bright and beautiful and they were all in the car, off to an early start. Everyone had gotten a good night’s sleep at a very nice roadside motel with a swimming pool.

Miss Amanda’s Daddy and Mrs. Duck had both swum laps for a full hour after they checked in, because it was still daylight and the water felt absolutely wonderful. Miss Amanda and her Mommy had splashed around the shallow end for a while and then practiced swimming with their new masks and snorkels.

Isadora Le Chat and A.G. Bear had been content to stretch out on the poolside lounge chairs and watch the others swim. Truth be known, while Isadora could swim, (and quite well at that), she tended to view the sport as mildly undignified.

As for A.G.Bear, well... as a rule, Teddy Bears generally don’t swim, (although they probably could, if they felt like it).

By late morning they’d already been on the road for five hours and everybody in the back seat was beginning to feel the tiniest bit bored. They were also becoming moderately quarrelsome.

Please may I have all of your SEVENS? asked Mrs. Duck.

GO FISH! hollered A.G. Bear gleefully.

It was just at that point when Miss Amanda, who had loosened her seatbelt somewhat and was bouncing up and down to relieve her boredom, accidentally sat on Isadora’s tail.

Meeeooowwwwcccchh! yelped Isadora, shooting straight up into the air and landing Kerplunk! on Mrs. Ducks tailfeathers.

QuuuuuAAAAAAAACK! shouted Mrs. Duck, now minus two perfectly good tailfeathers.

Mrs. Duck was so startled that she had fluttered all the way up in the front seat, landing smack on top of the steering wheel, energetically quacking and flapping her wings, right in Miss Amanda’s Daddy’s face.

Miss Amanda’s Daddy, who had been peacefully driving down the highway, taking a sip of orange juice from his traveling cup, was so surprised at suddenly finding himself face-to-face with a large, very cranky duck, that he hollered
Hoooogggaaaahhh! and his traveling cup went flying end over end, sending an ice cold shower of orange juice splashing all over Miss Amanda’s Mommy and A.G. Bear, (who had been quietly napping on Miss Amanda’s Mommy’s lap).


Whooooeeee! yelped Miss Amanda’s Mommy, throwing her arms up in the air, and accidentally propelling A.G. Bear right out the open window!

Whereupon everybody screamed and Miss Amanda’s Daddy pulled off to the side of the road, and sat there for a one whole minute, with his mouth wide open, his heart pounding, and his eyes as big as saucers.

Miss Amanda’s Mommy quickly jumped out of the car and ran back to pick up A.G.Bear, who was somewhat dazed and a little bit damp, but otherwise mostly unharmed.

Miss Amanda’s Daddy said he thought it might be a really good idea to take the rest of the day off.

When A.G. Bear went flying out the car window, he landed head first, just inside a great big field with a sign which said U-PICK-EM--STRAWBERRIES. Fortunately, Teddy Bears are remarkably resilient and there was no permanent damage.

He was rather looking forward to sporting a tiny Band Aid on his head, though it was mostly going to be a badge of courage for the one weensy little stitch he had required. Fortunately, Miss Amanda’s Mommy always carried needle and thread inside the family’s first aid kit .

What did that sign mean, Mrs. Duck? A.G. Bear had asked, as Miss Amanda’s Mommy stitched up the almost invisible hole in his furry little head. A.G. Bear was referring to the sign which had gone whizzing past his nose as he sailed out the window. The one which said U-PICK-EM-STRAWBERRIES.

I expect it means that if you give the farmer a little bit of money, said Mrs. Duck after a moment’s consideration, he’ll let you go out into his fields and take your pick of his strawberries.

A.G. Bear, now safely ensconced in Miss Amanda’s arms, thought about this for a little bit.

I rather like strawberries, he said softly.

Miss Amanda’s Daddy said we were going to have a picnic lunch, said Mrs. Duck, gently patting A.G. Bear’s cheek. I’m sure he knows how much you like picnics, dear. And we’ve all kinds of sandwiches in the cooler, even peanut butter and honey.

Honey? inquired A.G. Bear, suddenly beginning to feel much better.

After A.G. Bear had been rescued, Miss Amanda’s Daddy had stopped the car again at a second U-PICK-EM--STRAWBERRIES sign. He was out of the car for a few minutes, talking to the man inside the farmhouse, and then they were driving again, shifting carefully into four wheel drive and proceeding slowly down a narrow dirt road, the edges of which were lined with tall green trees.

After a little ways, they came to a fork in the road. Miss Amanda’s Daddy followed the fork to the right and pulled the car off the road into a little clearing.

Lo, and behold, right in front of them on a wide expanse of green, green grass, there was a picnic table. And it was right at the edge of the very same strawberry field in which A.G. Bear had landed on his head!

Isadora peered out the window and then nudged Mrs. Duck, excitedly. She pointed towards the branch of a nearby tree and smiled.

Why it’s a swing! Said Mrs. Duck, approvingly .

Hooray! Miss Amanda shouted, as she and A.G. Bear jumped out of the car, and rushed over to try it out. A shallow icy stream ran along the edge of the picnic grounds. Water splashed and gurgled, busily rushing over moss covered rocks, chilling the strawberry scented air. Miss Amanda’s Mommy thought this was the most beautiful place for a picnic that she had ever, ever seen.

Before lunch, they all washed their hands at a big old fashioned water pump. Miss Amanda’s Mommy, who, like A.G. Bear, was still a little bit sticky from the orange juice, was pretty happy to see the pump!

Miss Amanda’s Mommy had lots of good things in her cooler, a Thermos of freshly squeezed lemonade, three kinds of sandwiches, slices of Granny Smith apples, and wedges of some really good tasting cheese. After lunch they all went into the nearby field with the little baskets the farmer had given them, and picked fresh strawberries, which they washed and then ate for their dessert.


Then, while Miss Amanda’s Mommy took her turn on the swing, Miss Amanda’s Daddy spread out a blanket and took a nap on the grass, making little snoring and whistling sounds as he slept.

Everybody else spent the afternoon chasing butterflies, and climbing trees, and playing tag. It was truly a wonderful way to end the day.

When they were finally ready to leave, they all pitched in and carefully cleaned up the picnic site, putting their trash in the farmer’s big barrel. They stopped to thank the farmer for the use of his picnic grounds and even brought him some strawberries for his own dessert. The farmer was surprised and said that he thought that was a very nice thing for somebody to do for him. He smiled and waved, as Miss Amanda’s family drove away.

Miss Amanda fell fast asleep in the back seat, as did Isadora and Mrs. Duck.

A.G. Bear was back up in front on Miss Amanda’s Mommy’s lap. Miss Amanda’s Mommy absentmindedly stroked A.G.Bear’s little bandaged head as she admired the acres and acres of fruit-filled fields from her car window .


And just before A.G. Bear fell asleep in Miss Amanda’s Mommy’s arms, A.G. whispered something ever so softly.

Miss Amanda’s Mommy would tell her husband later that evening, with her eyes full of wonder, she was ever so certain Amanda’s Teddy Bear had actually spoken, because she had heard a wee little voice from the direction of her lap say quite distinctly,

I rather like strawberries.


The Adventures of A.G. Bear

Book 5: Cat Tales
Sweet Dreams!
Night-Time Is The Time To Sleep!

Amanda Grey and her family and her three best friends, (A.G. Bear, Isadora LeChat and Mrs. Duck) were on their way to visit Amanda's Grandma. It was the second day of their journey and everybody was feeling pretty tired.
After A.G. Bear accidentally getting tossed out the window that morning, Amanda's Daddy told his wife he'd had about all the excitement he needed for one day, so after their picnic he drove on until he found another nice motel, and then they stopped for the night.

As usual, Miss Amanda's Daddy arranged for two adjoining rooms. Miss Amanda’s room had two big double beds. Miss Amanda and A.G. Bear had one bed, while Isadora Le Chat and Mrs. Duck shared the other. Ordinarily, this was a perfectly comfortable arrangement .

Miss Amanda, who had already finished her bath, stood at the sink, brushing her teeth while Mrs. Duck fluttered away in the shower.

Isadora and A.G. Bear were both all ready for bed and together they were turning down the covers, when A.G. suddenly spied something shiny on the pillow.

GOLD! he shouted. We’re rich, Isadora, I found a gold coin!

Just then, Isadora pulled down her side of the covers and a second shiny coin came into view.

Another gold coin! A.G. Bear shouted, and jumped up on the bed to look for more.
Isadora picked up one of the shiny gold coins and sniffed it curiously as A.G. excitedly ripped the pillowcases off each of the pillows. Then Isadora picked up the second coin and sniffed it as well.

In the meantime, A.G. Bear had not only stripped the bed of it’s pillows and pillowcases, but by now, both sheets, the blanket and the bedspread lay in a heap on the carpet. A.G. was visible only as a small lump, crawling around under the mattress pad, hunting for gold coins.

This is wonderful ! said A.G.Bear, in a slightly muffled voice. We’re truly rich! Why, we can buy Miss Amanda a dollhouse, and we can get Mrs. Duck her very own wading pool, and we can get Isadora ...let's see, what can we get for Isadora? The small lump paused thoughtfully on it's journey under the mattress pad.

Isadora sniffed the gold coins again. Chocolate mint candy! announced Isadora decidedly.

Certainly, Isadora! A.G.Bear called out from under the mattress pad. If that's what you want, that's what you shall have!

A.G.Bear happily resumed his search.

Now then, he said to himself, That was a dollhouse for Miss Amanda, a wading pool for Mrs. Duck, and an entire wheelbarrow full of chocolate mint candy for Isadora.

You know, he said to nobody in particular, I had absolutely no idea that cats liked chocolate mint candy.
Isadora walked over to Miss Amanda's bed and turned down the covers. Sure enough, there were two more gold coins, one on each of the pillows. Just for good measure, and to make certain she hadn't missed anything, Isadora first pulled off the bedspread and then the blanket, followed by the sheets and then the pillows.

Then she carefully examined and sniffed the two new gold coins.

A.G.? called out Isadora. I don't think you had better buy anything quite yet.

Why not? inquired A.G.Bear, peering out from beneath the rumpled bedclothes.
Because these gold coins have the words "Nighty-night" printed on them and they smell like chocolate mint candy, replied Isadora.

A.G.Bear crawled out from underneath a pile of sheets and padded over to the nightstand, where Isadora was beginning to unwrap the gold foil from around a brown and green wafer.

Here, said Isadora, holding it out to A.G. Bear. You try it.

A.G.Bear's little pink tongue took a swipe at the wafer. It's chocolate mint candy, all right, he said, giving the candy another lick.

I thought we were rich, he said disappointedly, licking the last of the chocolate from the shiny gold paper. A.G. opened the second gold coin and gave that one an experimental lick as well.

Then A.G.Bear and Isadora looked at their beds and at the big pile of sheets and blankets and pillows and bedspreads on the floor. Isadora looked at A.G., who by now had a big smootch of chocolate on his nose.

You're going to get in trouble, A.G., Isadora said somewhat smugly.
ME? squealed A.G.Bear, What about YOU?

Just then, the bathroom light flicked off . Miss Amanda and Mrs. Duck came back into the bedroom.

Miss Amanda, her eyes big and round and her mouth forming a silent "Oh!", as she surveyed the mess, was absolutely speechless.

Goodness, gracious sakes! said Mrs. Duck in amazement. Who made all this mess?

Immediately, A.G.Bear pointed at Isadora and Isadora pointed at A.G.

Did NOT! howled Isadora.

Did too! shouted A.G., whereupon Isadora picked up a fluffy pillow and bashed A.G.Bear right over the head with it.

Momentarily stunned, A.G. first looked at the pillow, and then at Isadora.

Giggling, he picked up the pillow and bashed Isadora right back, sending her tumbling head over heels into the pile of blankets.

PILLOWFIGHT! shouted Isadora, scrambling to her feet and hurling a pillow across the room towards A.G.Bear.
PHOOOP! went the pillow, as it zipped past A.G.Bear's nose and caught Miss Amanda square in the face, knocking her right off her feet and onto the crumpled bedspread.

Laughing with surprise, Miss Amanda grabbed the pillow and sent it whirling back towards Isadora.

Bears and girls! scolded Mrs. Duck, This is hardly the type of behavior I would have expec...

Mrs. Duck jerked to the left just in time to avoid a return volley of pillows.


By now the air was filled with dozens of feathers.

Amanda?! called a booming voice from the adjoining room.

Uh-oh! it's Miss Amanda's Daddy ! said Mrs. Duck.

Miss Amanda hurriedly brushed the feathers out of her hair and quickly rushed into her parents room. As she turned to pull the connecting door shut behind her, she looked towards the little group and put her finger to her lips.

Ssssshhhhhh! she said.

Quick like bunnies, Mrs. Duck and Isadora Le Chat and A.G. Bear rushed around making beds and picking up feathers, so that by the time Miss Amanda returned from reassuring her parents that she was fine and had only been playing, the room was all put back in order.

Ten minutes later, Miss Amanda and A.G.Bear sat in bed with one of their new books propped up in front of them for a bedtime story. Miss Amanda reached over and turned off the lamp on the nightstand.

In the next bed, Isadora Le Chat and Mrs. Duck pulled up the covers and made themselves comfortable.

A.G.Bear cleared his throat and flicked on his little reading light.

Ahem, A.G.Bear said, and then began to read. The Teddy Bear's Picnic, A.G. began. "If you go out in the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise..."

By the end of the story, Miss Amanda, Isadora and Mrs. Duck had all fallen fast asleep. A.G.Bear smiled happily as he gently closed the book and placed it ever so quietly on the nightstand. Then he switched off his reading light, snuggled contentedly down into his pillow and drifted off to sleep.


The Adventures of A.G. Bear

Book 6: Cat Tales
Things That Go Snnaaarrrrk In The Night!


 Amanda Grey and her family and her three best friends, (A.G. Bear, Isadora LeChat and Mrs. Duck) were on their way to visit Amanda's Grandma. It was the end of the second day of their journey. Miss Amanda's Daddy had found another nice motel, and there they stopped for the night. As usual, he had arranged for two adjoining rooms. Miss Amanda’s room had two big double beds.

Miss Amanda and A.G. Bear had one bed, while Isadora Le Chat and Mrs. Duck shared the other.

It had been A.G.Bear's turn to tell a Bedtime-Story, and he had just finished reading "The Teddy Bear's Picnic" to them.


"The End", A.G. read, then he quietly closed the book, turned off the little reading light, and like the others, snuggled down into the covers and promptly drifted off to sleep.

SnnnaaaaAAAARRKKKKK! came a terrible sound from somewhere in their room.

A.G.'s eyes popped wide open.

SnnnnnnaaaAAAAARRRRKKKKKKwackwackwackwackwack! came the terrible sound again.

A.G.Bear sat bolt upright in bed. Monsters! screamed A.G., his shout waking up Isadora Le Chat in the next bed.


Huh? What? Who? asked Isadora sleepily from across the room.

SnaaAAAARRRKKK! came the scary sound again.

Isadora froze in the pitch dark room, visions of the terrifying Flea Market bear filling her imagination.

SnnnnnnaaaaAAAARRRRRRRKKK! came the rumbling sound again.

A monster's got Mrs. Duck! Isadora shrieked, and fell out of bed backwards, all tangled up in the sheet.

Oh no! A.G. Bear screamed. We've got to save her! the brave little bear shouted to Isadora.

A.G. Bear grabbed his little nightlight and flicked it on, ready to do battle with the terrible monster, and save Mrs. Duck .

He pointed the light towards Mrs. Duck's pillow, just as Isadora crawled back to the side of the bed and peered cautiously over the edge of the mattress.

Mrs. Duck was sound asleep and all alone.

There was no monster in sight!

Miss Amanda, amazingly, was still sound asleep, but with all the racket, she had pulled the pillow over her head. A.G. Bear looked across the room at Isadora and perplexed, scratched his head.

Where do you suppose the monster went, Isadora? whispered A.G. Bear.

Maybe it's under the bed, Isadora whispered back, and quickly jumped away from the mattress, (just in case he was right).

SsssnnnnnnaaaaAAAAAARRRRRRKKKKKKK!! came the terrible sound again, sending both A.G. Bear and Isadora screaming and running for the safety of the bathroom. The two of them slammed the door and stood there panting and shaking, quivering with fear.

After a minute or two, Isadora began to think.

Wait a minute, whispered Isadora. I don't think we're dealing with a monster at ALL.

She opened the bathroom door just a crack and peered out.

SsnaaaaaaAAAARKKKwackwackwack! snored Mrs. Duck.

A.G. Bear stood behind the bathroom door.

Is there a monster? he inquired in a concerned whisper.

Isadora shook her head silently, and gestured towards Mrs. Duck. They tiptoed out of the bathroom towards Mrs. Duck's bedside.

My goodness, that's an awful lot of racket from one small duck! said A.G. Bear, in surprise, peering down at Mrs. Duck, who was peacefully, if loudly, snaaAARRRRKKKKking away.


Isadora glanced over at the slumbering Miss Amanda, who by now had pulled the covers over her head and positioned pillows over each ear.

What do you suppose we should do? asked Isadora, We can't very well sleep with all that noise.

A.G. Bear tiptoed back into the bathroom and emerged with wadded up tissue paper sticking out of his ears.

Does that work? whispered Isadora.

What? said A.G. Bear.

I said, does that work? repeated Isadora, whispering louder.

I CAN'T HEAR YOU, shouted A.G. Bear.

SsnnaaaAARRRKK! snored Mrs. Duck suddenly, and A.G. Bear jumped.

THIS DOESN'T WORK! A.G. Bear hollered to Isadora.

Ssssshhhhhhhhhh!!! hissed Isadora, and poinnnnkkkkk! yanked the tissue out of A.G. Bear’s ears.

From the next bed, Miss Amanda moaned, and pulled more covers over her head.

Now what? asked A.G. Bear.

I have no idea, sighed Isadora.

By two o'clock in the morning, so tired they were willing to try anything, they finally hit upon an idea.

A few minutes later, A.G. Bear and Isadora each had hold of Mrs. Duck's bottom sheet and were carefully sliding her off the bed and onto a big pillow they'd placed on the floor.

The sheet whispered its way towards the edge of the bed.

Tttthhhhhhhhhhh---THUMP! Mrs. Duck landed softly on the pillow, her slumber undisturbed.

They had decided to drag the pillow, on which Mrs. Duck was now sleeping, into the bathroom, after which, they would close the bathroom door, so that they could get some sleep.

Ever so carefully, they slid the pillow into the tiled bathroom, and tiptoed out.

Exhausted, but pleased with their efforts, they shook paws, and then gently closed the door.

A.G. and Isadora then climbed back into their respective beds, finally ready to get some sleep.

SSsnnnnnnnnnaaaaaAAAAAARRRRKKKKKK! came the hugely loud sound from the direction of the bathroom.

Oh my goodness! said Isadora

She covered her ears. That's made it even WORSE, she sighed.

I think it's all the tile in there, groaned A.G. Bear. Got any more ideas, Isadora?

Isadora nodded sleepily.

Isadora and A.G. Bear opened the bathroom door and each grabbed hold of a corner of Mrs. Duck's pillow.

I'm not at all convinced this is a good idea, A.G. said doubtfully, struggling to drag the momentarily quiet duck into the adjoining bedroom, where Miss Amanda's parents lay sleeping.
A short time later, as A.G. Bear, Isadora and Miss Amanda finally slept undisturbed in the next room, Mrs. Duck awoke on her pillow on the floor. In the dark, she naturally thought she had simply fallen out of her own bed, in her own room.

Sleepily, Mrs. Duck picked up her pillow and climbed back into bed, drifting off to sleep next to what she thought was Isadora Le Chat.

By three AM, Miss Amanda's Mommy, now wide awake and totally exhausted from the perfectly awful snoring and whistling and SssnnnaaAAAAARRRRRKKKKKing coming from Miss Amanda's Daddy's side of the bed, picked up her pillow and trundled sleepily into Miss Amanda's room. She fell into the empty spot on the bed next to Isadora Le Chat, and was herself immediately fast asleep.

The following morning, Miss Amanda, her Mommy, A.G. Bear and Isadora Le Chat were all still sound asleep in the next room, when Miss Amanda's Daddy rolled over to say good morning to Miss Amanda's Mommy...

...and found himself face to face with a loudly snoring duck.

AAAACCKKK!! shouted Miss Amanda's Daddy...
...sending a thoroughly startled, but not very wide awake Mrs. Duck, flapping and squawking through the door into Miss Amanda's room.

A.G. Bear opened one sleepy eye . Miss Amanda's Daddy certainly is the nervous sort, isn't he?

Maybe he drinks too much coffee, yawned Isadora Le Chat from the next bed, and then she rolled over and went back to sleep.


The Adventures of A.G. Bear

Book 7: Cat Tales
Politically Correct SeaCows

Amanda Grey and her family, and her three best friends, (A.G. Bear, Isadora LeChat and Mrs. Duck) were on their way to visit Amanda's Grandma. It was the third day of their journey.

I see a windmill, I get a lollipop! shouted A.G. Bear.
Isadora wrinkled her nose at him. I saw it first, she pouted.

Miss Amanda's Mommy was driving today. Miss Amanda's Daddy, who had cast wary glances back at Mrs. Duck for much of the morning, had a vague headache. Mindful of his duties to keep the troops entertained, however, he had come up with the game "I Spy" (alternately known as "I See A Windmill"), in which the winner of each round was presented with a small prize, when they managed to spy the object of the current game's quest.

Miss Amanda had won the previous round by being the first to spy a big red barn, and she had been rewarded with a coloring book and a small box of crayons.

When Miss Amanda announced that A.G. had been the first to spot the windmill, Miss Amanda's Daddy, who had been resting his eyes, dutifully held a red lollipop over his head, waving it in the general direction of the back seat.

Thank you, replied a tiny voice, as two furry little paws removed the lollipop from Miss Amanda's Daddy's hand.

For the next game, Miss Amanda's Daddy decided that they should look for a car with a Florida license tag containing a picture of a Manatee.
What's a Manatee? asked A.G. Bear.

Ummm...Sea Cow, replied Amanda, as she urgently pressed her nose against the window, intently studying the license tags of cars going in both directions.

I see a cow! announced A.G. excitedly, I win!

Not COW, said Isadora Le Chat, SEACow!

I already SEE one, insisted A.G. Bear.

SEACow! SEACow! SEACow! shouted Isadora Le Chat in exasperation.

said A.G. Bear.

He turned to Mrs. Duck for confirmation, And I get the prize, right?

Not exactly, dear, explained Mrs. Duck. What we're looking for, is a Manatee, which is sometimes known as a Sea Cow.

I SAW a cow, said A.G. Bear, stubbornly, and folded his little paws over his chest.

Isadora Le Chat slapped herself on the forehead and fell to the seat, with all four paws in the air, playing dead.

Isadora, love, pleaded Mrs. Duck, Spare us the theatrics and help me explain this to A.G.

Isadora righted herself. I'll probably need a crayon, she grumbled sarcastically.

Isadora!! warned Mrs. Duck.

Yes, ma'am, mumbled Isadora.

Come over here A.G., she said, patting the seat next to her. I'll show you what a Manatee looks like.

I thought you were going to show me a Sea Cow, A.G. sulked.

They're the SAME THING, A.G! Now come over here! commanded Isadora Le Chat.

A.G. Bear. scooted over next to Isadora, who promptly turned to the blank back page of Miss Amanda's coloring book, and extracted a crayon from the new box of Crayolas™.

Here, she said a few moments later, pointing to her sketch, This is what a Sea Cow looks like.

I thought you were going to draw a Manatee, A.G. insisted.

Isadora groaned.

A.G.! she howled, Just look at the picture!

Manatees are PURPLE??? gasped A.G. Bear in surprise.

No, silly! They're sort of an oooky-brownish-green, said Isadora.

Then why didn't you make it the right color? demanded A.G. Bear.

Because these people make politically correct colors, they don't make oooky-brownish-green Sea Cow colors! Isadora shouted.

What's "Politically Correct"? asked A.G. Bear.
Nobody has the vaguest idea, stated Isadora, flatly.
Are Sea Cows Republicans or Democrats? A.G. asked.
What are you TALKING about, A.G.??? Isadora shouted in exasperation.
You just said that Sea Cows were not Politically Correct and that's why there's no Oooky-Brownish-Green in the crayon box, explained A.G. Bear.

Isadora groaned and fell over in her play dead mode again.

Mrs. Duck,
she moaned, Help me out here, would you?

Mrs. Duck leaned over and looked at Isadora Le Chat's sketch of a Manatee.

Quite accurate, she nodded, But I think you forgot the whiskers, dear, she said.

Sea Cows have WHISKERS? asked A.G. Bear in amazement.

Yes, dear, answered Mrs. Duck ...and they live in brackish water...

What's THAT? demanded A.G. Bear...ooops, he said. Excuse me for interrupting.

You're excused, said Mrs. Duck.

What's brackish water? A.G. tried again.

Well, it's sort of a cross between fresh water and salt water,
Mrs.Duck explained.

What COLOR is it? A.G. Bear persisted.

Hmmmmmm...Mrs. Duck pondered. Sort of an oooky-brownish-green, I should think, she replied.

Let me understand this, said A.G. Bear. Sea Cows are actually Manatees?

  That's right, said Mrs. Duck.

They're an endangered species, she continued. They're friendly, but slow, and they often get hit by boats because they can't get out of the way fast enough. That's why the speed limit signs in the canals tell boaters to go very, very slowly.

That's a good idea! agreed A.G. Bear. But they're not purple, right? he insisted.

No dear, they're sort of an oooky-brownish-green. And they live in brackish water that's...

...that's Oooky-brownish-green! I KNOW! finished A.G. Bear, excitedly.

Great, A.G., you’ve finally got it! congratulated Isadora.

In that case please pass me some paper and the box of crayons, A.G. Bear requested.

Whatever for? inquired Mrs. Duck.

I’m going to write to those people at the crayon factory and tell them we need oooky-brownish-green colored crayons so we can draw Manatees, said A.G. firmly.

Isadora and Mrs. Duck pondered the look on A.G. Bear’s determined little face for a moment.

Good idea! they said.

Dear Mr. Crayon Person,
began A.G. Bear’s letter
Sea Cows aren’t purple
They’re oooky-brownish-green!

And when you’re in a boat
Look out!
They’re rarely ever seen!

The signs you see
Say Manatee...
It’s just another name,
For friends who float
Beneath the boat,
They’re both one and the same!

They move slo-o-o-wly as
The Turtle,
But they’re never EVER Purple!


The Manatee’s
Own color scheme
Is Oooky-Brownish-Green!

and the letter was signed,

Love, A.G. Bear


The Adventures of A.G. Bear

Book 8: Cat Tales
Manners and Misdemeanors


Amanda Grey and her family, and her three best friends, (A.G. Bear, Isadora LeChat and Mrs. Duck) were on their way to visit Amanda's Grandma. Amanda's parents had decided to drive. They decided they would make it a leisurely journey, stopping anyplace along the way that might interest them.

So far they had visited a combination Antique Store and Flea Market, they had stopped to pick strawberries and then enjoyed a wonderful picnic.

They had stayed at very nice motels with chocolate candy on the pillows and they had gone swimming in big motel pools, and at night, they told each other Bedtime-Stories.
Yesterday, as they drove, they played the game "I See A Windmill!" and afterwards they looked for cars having license tags with pictures of Manatees on them.

They stopped driving around mid-afternoon, had a nice dinner, took in an early movie on the TV, and then everybody fell sound asleep.

Today was the fourth morning of their trip. Mrs. Duck was up early, bustling around the motel room, as she re-packed her little suitcase.

Guess what I just heard Miss Amanda’s Daddy say we’re going to do after breakfast today? she announced.
Isadora Le Chat was busy washing her face. She paused for a moment. This is just a wild guess, she said dryly, But I’ll bet we’re all going to get back into the car and drive another zillion miles.
Mrs. Duck looked at Isadora disapprovingly. Sarcasm is so unattractive dear, she scolded. Now seriously, she insisted, Guess what we’re going to do! It’s quite exciting really!
Miss Amanda brushing her hair in front of the mirror had a pony tail band clenched between her teeth, so she just raised her eyebrows inquiringly. Miss Amanda was trying to learn how to put her own hair in pigtails.

Oblivious to the conversation at hand, A.G. Bear had climbed up on his bed and now stood on the mattress. He gave an experimental bounce and then began to jump in earnest.

I’m—not—allowed—to do—this—at home, he said, between bounces.
A.G. Bear, you stop that this instant!
You’ll break the bed!
admonished Mrs. Duck.

OOPS! said A.G. who froze mid-bounce and landed with a jarring thud on his bottom.

But why CAN'T I bounce Mrs. Duck? inquired A.G. plaintively.

Because you’re a guest, explained Mrs. Duck. And when you’re a guest you always have the same rules that you have at home. Only more so. Because it’s good manners! Mrs. Duck nodded with satisfaction at her own explanation.

WHAT’s good manners? inquired Isadora Le Chat, returning from the bathroom where she had just gone to hang up the wet towel she had found lying in a heap on the carpet.

Treating someone else’s home or property just as carefully as you would your own, and treating everybody else the way you’d like to be treated yourself, said A.G. Bear, who, to everyone’s amazement, had quickly grasped the concept.

Very GOOD, A.G.! said Isadora admiringly. I’m so proud of you! Why, you just learned the Golden Rule!

Isadora then continued with what she was doing and started to look around the room. She was puzzled. I can only find three towels in the bathroom, she said. Did somebody forget and leave one out here somewhere?

Not me, said A.G. Bear. I put mine back on the towel rack after I washed my face this morning.

Nunk Fee, replied Miss Amanda, who was trying to say "Not Me". Amanda was making attempt number seven at a pigtail, and the pony tail band was back between her teeth.

Isadora turned expectantly to Mrs. Duck, whose cheeks suddenly turned a very bright pink. Uhhhh... said Mrs. Duck, and she mumbled something about simply having wanted a souvenir of their trip.

Isadora looked at her friend closely. Mrs. Duck looked embarrassed.

Oh, for Pete’s sake, Mrs. Duck! said Isadora. You didn’t?! Isadora leaned closer and looked Mrs. Duck right in the eye. You DID! said Isadora, sighing and rolling her eyes heavenward.

Isadora walked over to Mrs. Duck’s small suitcase and flipped open the lid. Sure enough, there was the motel’s towel, neatly folded, among Mrs. Duck’ things.

Miss Amanda shook her head in disapproval.

A.G. Bear climbed down from the bed and padded over to Mrs. Duck.

We can’t take things that aren't ours, explained A.G. Bear to Mrs. Duck. It’s not good manners, and it’s against the Golden Rule. You wouldn’t want somebody to take YOUR towel, would you?

Mortified, Mrs. Duck shook her head.

Sometimes, even smart ducks do foolish things, she said, sadly.

Isadora reached into the suitcase and lifted out the towel to return it to the bathroom with the others.

As she did, BONK! went a heavy glass object, as it fell to the floor. It rolled lazily across the carpet, landing at Miss Amanda’s feet. Frowning, she reached over and picked it up.

Ash-tray, she announced, with a withering glance at Mrs. Duck, who was about to die of embarrassment.

Isadora groaned loudly and put a paw over her eyes.

Missus DUCK!! scolded everybody.

I’m awfully sorry, said Mrs. Duck in a very small voice. I’ll never take anything that doesn’t belong to me ever, ever again.

Good thinking! said Isadora, emphatically. You could get arrested for stuff like that!


Sadly, Mrs. Duck nodded in agreement.

Just then there was a loud knock on the door to Miss Amanda’s parents room.

Security! announced a booming voice.

It’s the towel police! cried A.G. Bear.

They’ve come to arrest Mrs. Duck!

Mrs. Duck fell over in a dead faint!

The Adventures of A.G. Bear

Book 9: Cat Tales
Foreign Language Lessons

Amanda Grey and her family, and her three best friends, (A.G. Bear, Isadora LeChat and Mrs. Duck) were on their way to visit Amanda's Grandma. Amanda's parents had decided to drive. They decided they would make it a leisurely journey, stopping anyplace along the way that might interest them.

They also stayed at very nice motels with chocolate candy on the pillows and they had gone swimming in big motel pools.

At night, they read each other Bedtime-Stories.


Early this morning, which was the fourth day of their trip, Mrs. Duck had decided she wanted to keep a souvenier of their trip, so she tucked one of the motel's towels and one of their ashtrays into her little suitcase.

Since that was stealing, everybody became VERY upset with Mrs. Duck.

We can’t take things that aren’t ours, explained A.G. Bear to Mrs. Duck. It’s not good manners, and it’s against the Golden Rule. You wouldn’t want somebody to take YOUR towel, would you?



Mortified, Mrs. Duck shook her head.

Sometimes, even smart ducks do foolish things, she had said, sadly.

Just then there had been a loud knock on the door to Miss Amanda’s parents room. Security! announced a booming voice.

It’s the towel police! cried A.G. Bear. They’ve come to arrest Mrs. Duck!

As Miss Amanda’s Daddy motored down the highway, Isadora Le Chat, in the backseat of the car, leaned over and whispered softly in Mrs. Duck’s ear.

It sure is a good thing all that Security Guard wanted to do was tell us one of our tires was a little low, she said.

Mrs. Duck, who had been badly frightened by the whole ordeal, nodded in silent agreement. I certainly learned a good lesson! Mrs. Duck whispered back.

All of a sudden there was a huge BANG! and the car started to shake and swerve. RUMBLE, RUMBLE, WHOMP, WHOMP, WHOMP! went the tire they thought they had carefully checked before leaving that morning.

Miss Amanda’s Daddy quickly downshifted and carefully steered the car off to the side of the road, where it slowly rolled to a stop.

Since they were parked well away from the flow of traffic, Miss Amanda’s Daddy could safely open his car door. He climbed out, walked a few steps and then bent over to look at the very flat tire.

A.G. Bear rolled down his window and leaned out to watch for a moment. Then he ducked back inside.

I didn’t know that Miss Amanda’s Daddy could speak French! he said in amazement. At least, I think that was French, he considered dubiously.

Curious, Isadora Le Chat stuck her head out the window. Well, it’s not French! she said with certainty, as she sat back down. Maybe it’s German? she ventured.

Miss Amanda, thoroughly intrigued by the language discussion, stuck HER head out of the window and SHE listened intently.

A moment later, Amanda sat back down and then turned to Mrs. Duck, innocently inquiring what the word Dagnabitfurnblatz! meant.
Gasp! went Mrs. Duck, and quickly covered Miss Amanda’s mouth.

Too late! In the front seat, Miss Amanda’s Mommy, who had just started to take a sip of her coffee, had overheard.

Gasp! went Miss Amanda’s Mommy, and accidentally inhaled her coffee instead of swallowing! Miss Amanda’s Mommy coughed and sputtered, while everybody patted her on the back.

Then Miss Amanda’s Mommy climbed out of the car and firmly suggested to Miss Amanda’s Daddy, that using THAT kind of language around Miss Amanda and her friends, was definitely NOT a good idea.

A.G. Bear turned to Mrs. Duck. Using words like that, is not good manners, right? he asked.

Hoo-boy! replied Mrs. Duck, rolling her eyes.

NOT good manners! she stated emphatically.

Eyes wide, Miss Amanda simply shook her head in agreement.

Together, Miss Amanda’s Mommy and Daddy took the spare tire out of the back luggage compartment and quickly changed the tire. They were back on the road in no time, stopping only briefly to install a new tire and put the spare back where it belonged.

As they drove on, Isadora turned to Mrs. Duck. You know, you never told us where we were going today, she reminded her. This morning, you just said that it was going to be quite exciting.

Mrs. Duck suddenly fluffed her feathers and sat up straight, all excited again. Why, that’s right! she said. I almost forgot! We’re going to the...


The Adventures of A.G. Bear

Book 10: Cat Tales
...To The ZOO!

... to the Zoo! finished Mrs. Duck.

Isadora Le Chat looked around suspiciously.

Is there an echo in here? she asked.

Miss Amanda clapped her hands with pleasure.

Amanda Grey and her family, and her three best friends, (A.G. Bear, Isadora LeChat and Mrs. Duck) were on their way to visit Amanda's Grandma. Amanda's parents had decided to drive. They decided they would make it a leisurely journey, stopping anyplace along the way that might interest them

We're going to the Zoo! exclaimed A.G. Bear. That IS exciting! Why, we can go see Lions, and we can see Tigers and we can even see Bears!

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh MY! said Isadora, throwing her paws up in the air, and making her eyes very large.

Mrs. Duck looked at her sharply.

Couldn’t resist, deadpanned Isadora, and then she grinned.

Well, cut it out! Mrs. Duck snapped at Isadora. We’re all going to go to the Zoo, and we’re going to have a WONDERFUL time.

I LIKE Zoos, said Isadora defensively. They don’t usually SMELL very good, but they’re definitely interesting, she said thoughtfully.

Just then, Miss Amanda’s Daddy stopped the car.

Are we there yet? came A.G. Bear’s favorite question.

Uh-huh! nodded Miss Amanda, as she quickly slipped her Mary-Jane’s back on and fastened the buckles.

Miss Amanda’s Daddy bought tickets and then he rented a little red wagon in which he said Miss Amanda, A.G. Bear, Isadora and Mrs. Duck could ride whenever they got tired.

Miss Amanda’s Daddy is pretty thoughtful, isn’t he? said A.G. Bear admiringly.

He certainly is, agreed Isadora.

He certainly makes a lot of noise when he sleeps, though, said Mrs. Duck, shaking her head in amazement.

A.G. Bear and Isadora looked at each other and started to giggle.

What? demanded Mrs. Duck.

Nothing, said Isadora, and exploded with laughter.

WHAT? insisted Mrs. Duck, and turned to A.G. Bear, who was now laughing uncontrollably.

WHAT??? demanded Mrs. Duck, standing stock still with her wings on her hips. What’s so funny?

YOU’RE the one who was snoring, Mrs. Duck! said A.G. Bear.

Mrs. Duck looked over at Isadora, who, still snickering, nodded in confirmation.

Don’t be ridiculous! said Mrs. Duck haughtily. Duck’s don’t snore. Lady Ducks in particular do not snore. It’s unladylike. Mrs. Duck hopped out of the wagon and stamped away, insulted.

Isadora watched Mrs. Duck’s retreating figure and then she elbowed A.G. Bear in the ribs. Watch this! she giggled.

SssnnnnaaaAAAAARRRRRRRRRRK! went Isadora.

She and A.G. Bear just howled with laughter.

Up ahead, Mrs. Duck stopped walking. Suddenly, a great big tear rolled down her cheek. A.G. Bear and Isadora watched in horror as Miss Amanda jumped out of the wagon, rushed over and gathered Mrs. Duck in her arms.

Oh dear! said Isadora, We’ve hurt her feelings!

I didn’t mean to make her cry! said A.G. Bear, aghast.

They hopped out of the wagon and rushed up to Mrs. Duck who was now sniffling into Miss Amanda’s shoulder. Oh, Mrs. Duck, apologized Isadora, Please forgive us.

We’re so sorry we made you cry! added A.G. Bear.

We were only teasing, explained Isadora, We didn’t mean to hurt your feelings!

Mrs. Duck inhaled with a feathery little breath. Feelings are IMPORTANT, she sniffled.

We know, Mrs. Duck, said Isadora, giving her a hug.

We’ll take good care of your feelings from now on, promised A.G. Bear, and he patted Mrs. Duck on the head.

Miss Amanda smoothed Mrs. Duck’s ruffled feathers and they all started to walk down the Zoo path again, with Mrs. Duck and Miss Amanda bringing up the rear.

Suddenly, from behind A.G. Bear and Isadora, came a terrifying noise, which sounded like a wild animal had just escaped from it’s cage.

SsnnnnnaaaAARRRKKKKK! it roared.

Isadora and A.G. Bear shrieked and whirled around in terror.

Miss Amanda and Mrs. Duck were giggling.

SsnnaaAAARRRKKKK! roared Mrs. Duck again, laughing.

A.G. Bear and Isadora shared a relieved glance.
You know what? said A.G. Bear, That Mrs. Duck is a pretty good sport!
Yes, indeed, nodded Isadora, with a smile.
She certainly is!


The Adventures of A.G. Bear

Book 11: Cat Tales
...Thirty Days Hath September

Amanda Grey and her family, and her three best friends, (A.G. Bear, Isadora LeChat and Mrs. Duck) were on their way to visit Amanda's Grandma. Amanda's parents had decided to drive.

They decided they would make it a leisurely journey, stopping anyplace along the way that might interest them.

Today they were visiting the Zoo.

What day is it? asked Isadora Le Chat.
A.G. Bear scratched his head. I don’t know. Why? Is it important? he asked.
Isadora had paused in front of a sign on the Zoo path. Well, she replied, It says here that on certain days, you can get your picture taken, while sitting on top of an elephant.

What does the elephant have to say about that? wondered A.G. Bear.

I have no idea, replied Isadora, But if it’s today, we’ll try to remember to ask. Now, she prompted, What day is it?

I still don’t know! insisted A.G. Bear. I mean, I used to know, but with all the traveling, I’ve sort of gotten confused.

OK, said Isadora, Lets try this...what MONTH is it?

A.G. Bear thought for a moment. I’m pretty sure it’s either Septober or Maybruary, he replied.
Isadora blinked.

Maybe there’s a calendar here somewhere, she said, and leaned closer to the sign, peering intently at the notice.

In the meantime, Mrs. Duck had silently walked up behind Isadora and was reading the sign from over Isadora’s shoulder.

MRS. DUCK! shouted Isadora over her shoulder, thinking that Mrs. Duck was still back at the last exhibit. MRS.DUCK.. WHAT’S THE DATE TODAY? Isadora was shouting so loudly that it made Mrs. Duck cross her eyes.

Why, I’m not sure, dear, Mrs. Duck said quietly, speaking right into Isadora’s ear. Isadora was so startled that she jumped forward and bumped her nose on the sign.
Meeoooowwwcchh! said Isadora, patting her nose. I thought you were still back talking to the Giraffes, Mrs. Duck.
Let me see...mused Mrs. Duck. What’s the date?..hmmmmm. I used to know a little rhyme that would help me with that. I think it started...Thirty days hath September...hmmmm, how DID that go...?
I’ve got a good idea, suggested A.G. Bear. Why don’t we go over to the elephant’s place and ask HER what day it is?

That IS a good idea, A.G. ! said Isadora.

So everybody trooped over to the great big yard where the elephants lived, and did just that.

How do you do? said Isadora politely. I’m Isadora Le Chat, and these are my friends, Mrs. Duck, A.G. Bear, Miss Amanda and Miss Amanda’s Mommy and Daddy.
There’s a sign over there, she said, pointing in the direction from which they had just come, ...which says that on certain days, one can have their picture taken, while sitting atop an elephant.

The elephant, whose name was Elvira, cocked her head and looked at them in astonishment.

Why, DO tell! she said, in a wonderful southern accent.

Isadora paused for a moment as she considered Elvira's response.

Uhhhhhh, we were attempting to determine the date, so that we might see if this was one of those days, she said.

A.G. Bear here, Isadora continued, patting A.G. Bear’s head, a little fuzzy on the month part, but Mrs. Duck seems to think she remembers a rhyme...

Oh my, YAYYUS! interrupted Elvira Elephant. I LIKE rhymes!

Wonderful! exclaimed Mrs. Duck, Then perhaps you can help me remember this one...she said eagerly.

It begins...Thirty days hath September...

Why YAYYUS! squealed Elvira, AH know that one!

As it happens, so did Amanda, but it's impolite to interrupt an elephant.


So Mrs. Duck began reciting the poem...

Thirty days hath September,
April, June and November,
All the rest...



Elvira broke in excitedly--

All the rest...
eat peanut butter,
All ‘cept Grandma,
She drives a Buick.

Elvira sat down with a great big happy thump, and smiled at her visitors.


Amanda looked very confused.
Thirty days hath September,
April, June, and November;

All the rest have thirty-one
Excepting February alone:
Which hath but twenty-eight, in fine,
Till leap year gives it twenty-nine.

Ohboy... thought Isadora.


Isadora leaned over and spoke into Mrs. Ducks ear.

I think we're one french fry short of a Happy Meal here, she whispered.

It’s pretty hot out, you know, said a worried A.G. Bear to Elvira Elephant. Sometimes all that sunshine can hurt the way your head works.

Maybe you could wear a hat, he suggested helpfully.


SPLENDID idea! laughed Elvira.

She promptly whipped out a multi-colored umbrella hat and cheerfully plopped it on her head. Now then! giggled Elvira, (who just loved teasing tourists), How about those pictures?!


So everybody got to have their picture taken with Elvira, who as it turns out, had a very funny sense of humor. For an elephant, that is.

By the end of the day, Amanda's family had visited every single exhibit in the Zoo, eaten hot dogs, and peanuts, and popcorn, and cotton candy, and met the most delightful group of animals.

But Miss Amanda and A.G. Bear and Miss Duck and Isadora Le Chat were all really, really tired.

And they were awfully happy to be sitting in the little red wagon that Miss Amanda’s Mommy and Daddy took turns pulling.



They passed by Elvira Elephant’s yard on the way back out, and Elvira called out cheerfully to them.

Ya’ll come back now, y’hear? she trumpeted.

They all waved to Elvira and assured her that they would definitely visit her again, the very next time they passed through town.

What a NICE visit to the Zoo that was! declared Mrs. Duck happily.
And everybody agreed with her.



The Adventures of A.G. Bear

Book 12: Cat Tales
Frills and Curls
and Buttons and Bows

Amanda Gray and her family, and her three best friends, (A.G. Bear, Isadora LeChat and Mrs. Duck) were on their way to visit Amanda's Grandma. Amanda's parents had decided to drive.
They decided they would make it a leisurely journey, stopping anyplace along the way that might interest them.

Yesterday they had stopped to visit a Zoo and they had a wonderful time.
They were so tired by the end of the day that nobody had ANY trouble sleeping last night.

By the time morning rolled around, though, everybody had awakened bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Amanda and her parents went out for breakfast, while Mrs. Duck A.G. Bear and Isadora LeChat decided they'd like to try room service.

By the time Amanda and her parents returned, Mrs. Duck was sitting at the little table in the motel room, intently studying a great big map.

Ladies and Bears!
she announced, Unless I’m very much mistaken, we’re almost there!
Almost where? asked A.G. Bear.
What do you mean WHERE, A.G. Bear? howled Isadora Le Chat in amazement. We’re just about to where we’ve been going for the past three zillion miles!
Where’s THAT? asked A.G. Bear, momentarily clueless.
GRANDMA’S HOUSE!! shouted Isadora Le Chat.
I knew that, said A.G. Bear smugly. But which one? he asked Isadora LeChat, who was beginning to lose all patience with A.G. and his silly questions.
Isadora paused and rubbed her head, and then she turned to Mrs. Duck. Would you explain to A.G. Bear that we’re going to Grandma’s house while I go wash my face? she pleaded.
Which ONE? persisted A.G. Bear. We’ve got two really nice Grandmas, you know. Which one are we on our way to visit?
Oh! said Mrs. Duck. I understand! We’re going to OUR grandma’s house.
OUR Grandma’s house?! asked A.G. Bear, You mean, the one who can...?
Mrs. Duck nodded, with a smile.
The very same!
she confirmed.

Does Isadora know? asked A.G. Bear.

Why...I just naturally assumed that she...Mrs. Duck’s voice trailed off.

Isadora, dear, Mrs. Duck called towards the open bathroom door where water could be heard splashing in the sink. Isadora, you DID realize that we were on our way to OUR Grandma’s house, didn’t you?

The water stopped splashing and Isadora appeared at the door with a damp towel in her paws.

OUR Grandma’s house? she said in amazement. A.G. Bear, said Isadora, That was a perfectly WONDERFUL question!
I rather thought so, replied A.G. Bear.
Where’s Miss Amanda? asked Isadora suddenly. Does SHE know?
Mrs. Duck looked around. She’s in the next room, she said. Amanda said her Mommy was going to brush her hair and fix it with special ribbons, and tie her sash in a bow, and...

OH MY GOODNESS!! gasped Mrs. Duck. We’re going to OUR Grandma’s house!

They all looked at each other.

WHAT ARE WE GOING TO WEAR??? they wailed.

After much scurrying about, everyone found exactly the right thing to wear and each one of them was all decked out in Frills and Curls and Buttons and Bows.

Mrs. Duck had on her best hat, Isadora LeChat had on her pretty pink headband, A.G. Bear had on his new red suit, and Amanda Gray wore a brand new "visit Grandma" dress.

Off they drove.

Amanda listened to the tires humming, as she watched the countryside speed past outside her window. She smiled to herself, and ever so softly, began to sing her very favorite song.

A few minutes later they were all singing it, even Amanda's Mommy and Daddy.

Grandma Speaks Fluent Duck
And bear and kitty too

But best of all she can converse
With me and all of you.

All grandmas are special
But some more than the rest

The ones who pay attention
They always are the best

Grandma speaks fluent duck
And bear and kitty too

If you should need a grandma
Then we’ll share ours with you.

All grandmas are special
But some more than the rest

The ones who pay attention
They always are the best!


It was late afternoon when Miss Amanda’s Daddy pulled into the driveway of a big, wonderfully friendly looking old house. The house had a wide front porch with a swing on it, and the shaded yard was full of flowers. A bird feeder hung from a branch of a grand old oak tree, and a pair of squirrels played tag on the front lawn.

There was a faint sound of children playing, off in the distance, and a gentle breeze carried the sound of water splashing somewhere nearby. As Miss Amanda’s Daddy opened his car door, a black and yellow honeybee droned lazily by.
Then Miss Amanda’s Mommy opened her door and was greeted by a trio of tumbling, neon hued butterflies.

Miss Amanda’s Daddy pulled on the rear door handle, and out scrambled Miss Amanda and Isadora and A.G. Bear and Mrs. Duck, all hurriedly straightening each others skirts, and buttons, and bows, and bangs.

Just then, the door to the house whisked open, and a woman who looked a great deal like Miss Amanda literally flew down the steps.

GRANDMA!! yelled Miss Amanda, joyously throwing herself in Grandma’s arms.

GRANDMA!! whooped A.G. Bear and Isadora and Mrs. Duck, and they were all enveloped in the same big hug.

Hi, Mom, said Miss Amanda’s Daddy happily, gently putting his arms around her when she finally stood up.

Hi, Mom, said Miss Amanda’s Mommy, with happy tears in her eyes as she put her arms around the both of them.

Goodness, Gracious Sakes! said Grandma, (who was a pretty young looking Grandma, as Grandma’s go). I’m so glad to see all of you!!! she said cheerfully. Come right in. Supper will be ready in a little while, and there’s fresh baked apple pie with home made ice-cream for dessert! Why, there might even be a brownie or two in the pantry! she said with a laugh.

Grandma turned back towards the house and held out both of her hands. Miss Amanda immediately claimed one hand while A.G. Bear insisted on being carried with the other. Isadora skipped excitedly at Miss Amanda’s side, as Mrs. Duck bustled along next to A.G. Bear.

Miss Amanda’s Daddy put his arm around Miss Amanda’s Mommy, as they watched the happy little troupe head for the front door. The light breeze brought them occasional snatches of the conversation that was taking place.

A Purple Sea Cow, Isadora? You don’t say! Grandma exclaimed...Why yes, A.G., she turned to the little bear in her arms, I certainly DO think you should mail that letter! Grandma looked down at Mrs. Duck. Well, Mrs. Duck, if you’re all out of stamps I’m quite certain we can find one inside...Yes, Amanda, of course you may be the one to put it in the mailbox! and the voices faded off as they climbed the steps to the porch.

Look at that, Miss Amanda’s Daddy smiled.
Isn’t she just swell? She’s acting as if she actually KNEW what they were SAYING.

Miss Amanda’s Mommy turned, and looked at her husband with affection. Ever so softly, and with a mysterious little smile, she told him... 

Some of us... have ALWAYS known.


The Making of The Adventures of A.G. Bear

But Who IS this A.G. Bear™, and Why Is He So Special?

A small bear who is at once as vulnerable as a child, but who possesses intuitive insight about people's feelings, A.G. Bear is always, always, a loyal and comforting friend.

A.G. speaks Bear. Really. In many dialects, and with a great deal of expression, at that. But only when he has something valuable to contribute to a conversation. Other times, he'll simply be there to listen quietly to what you have to say. You don't DO anything to A.G. Bear to make him speak. He simply seems to understand when it is that you need a friend, or a playmate, or some company, or even a shoulder to cry on. And he's always there for you.

Children possess an inate ability to speak fluent Bear. As they grow older, and make the transition to adulthood, however, many lose that wonderful ability. The ones who refuse to forget, are more than likely the grownups whose names you'll see volunteering to join the search party, or those who have taken time out of a busy day to pen a few words of encouragement. If for no other reason than to voice their opinion that children and small bears must always be kept safe and sound, and out of harm's way.

A.G. Bear's winsome qualities rocketed him to overnight fame back in the 1980's, and made him a favorite friend of every child he ever met. He also achieved unprecedented popularity with adults. Never before had anyone met a teddy bear who, literally on his own merit, managed to win so many hearts.

The History of A.G. Bear:

Nolan Bushnell is one of Silicon Valley's early computer pioneers and a technology visionary. He is perhaps best known for founding Atari and kicking off the video game industry. He also took a pizza parlor and turned it into Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theater, now a $280 million operation.

In the 1980's Nolan Bushnell's Axlon, Inc. came to Ron Milner of Applied Design Labs, Inc. looking for a very special bear. The company's original request had been for a bear who could parrot a child's words. Instead, Milner suggested that Bushnell might prefer to meet a bear with a personality. Within a mere two month's time, Ron was able to introduce Bushnell to A.G. Bear, the very best teddy bear in the whole wide world. A.G. had a personality the likes of which no-one had ever seen.

Not only was A.G. Bear an overnight hit with children, he achieved unprecedented popularity with adults. From cab drivers to CEO's, A.G. Bear won over heart after heart. It's a fact. Never before and never afterwards has anyone met such a remarkably personable bear.

Toy industry analyst Paul Valentine described A.G. Bear as "... great for the imagination. It's saying whatever a kid imagines it says." (Note: Mr. Valentine is not bearlingual)

A.G. is special, to say the least. Officers of the Morgan Hill, California, and Boulder, Colorado police departments encouraged A.G. Bear to ride on patrol with them, in order to calm children who had been involved in automobile accidents or domestic incidents. Because he's a young bear himself, A.G. turned out to be a natural. He could talk to those children in a language each of them understood. Many of those brave police officers were so impressed that they invited A.G. Bear home to stay with their own families.

A.G. retired from public life some years back. All requests for his return had been declined.

Until Bedtime-Story launched
a massive Missing Bear campaign, that is

"...As of late, A.G. had been happily spending time with his friends, Amanda Gray, Isadora LeChat and Mrs. Duck. But one day, while in search of some honey, A.G. Bear managed to wander off into the woods behind Amanda's Grandma's house, and no one has heard from him since! You know, for a bear, A.G. has got a perfectly awful sense of direction.

A.G.'s friends the Police have been looking for him, and the Mounties have too, and so have his friends the Firefighters. But so far nobody's been able to find him. Teddy Bears are sort of small, you know. So it looks like it's up to us, boys and girls. We're forming a Search and Rescue party and we're going to comb the woods.

It's been a long time, for many of you grownup kids. Do YOU remember how to speak Bear? If you do, drop the search party a line. Or better yet, join it ! Send A.G. or his friends in the Search Party a few words of encouragement. We'll post your notes at Once A.G. is safe and sound again, you can invite him to come visit YOUR house."

We're going IN, Bedtime-Story Kids!

We're going to bring A.G. Bear HOME!

Help Rescue A.G. Bear!

The very best bear

in the whole wide world

has been lost in the woods

for a really long time!

The Police have been looking for him.

The Mounties have been looking for him.

Even the Firefighters have been looking for him!

But somehow, they just can't find him. .

So now it's up to US!

A.G. Bear's friends and The Bedtime-Story kids
are gonna have to go save A.G. Bear themselves!



And we're gonna get him OUT!

A.G.Bear's Friends

Amanda Grey

Isadora LeChat

Mrs. Duck

The website was literally deluged with letters from volunteers who wanted to join the search party.
So to the search teams, Ron Milner, Curt Russell, Clive G. Whittenbury, Cynthia Gurin, Jeff Myers,
and to all of the Bedtime-Story Kids, of every age...
we'd simply like to say ...

Thanks to you...
We've brought A.G. Bear HOME!

You can invite A.G. Bear to live at your house, or arrange for him to arrive at the home of a friend!
He'll arrive complete with The Adventures of A.G. Bear on CD.
Place your order now at

The Adventures of A.G. Bear, copyright 2015 by Cynthia Gurin,
Bedtime-Story Books
First Printing 1994

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Background: The Making of The Adventures of A.G. Bear

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Cynthia Gurin lives in South Florida with her husband Bob, a quartet of cats, two dogs, a remarkably wise duck, and a teddy bear or two. She has achieved recognition in both the Miami Herald and The Wall Street Journal for innovative marketing techniques. She considers the Personal Ad, through which she met her husband, to be her most rewarding literary endeavor. She holds a senior corporate position in the real world. Send Mail to Cynthia Gurin

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We're invited for lunch,
Miss Amanda and me..
First alphabet soup,
then cookies and tea.
There's bowls full of letters
like A, B, and C,
This bowl must be mine
'cause it spells C-A-T

ABOUT THE ILLUSTRATOR: Jeff Meyers is a talented writer and a talented illustrator. Jeff makes his home in Ohio. He enjoys writing fiction for all ages and has been drawing and painting all his life. His artwork includes cartoons, illustrations, computer graphics, and still life drawings. When he's not working at his computer, Jeff enjoys spending time with his wife and three children. Jeff has wonderful examples of both his artistic as well as his writing talent on display throughout Bedtime-Story. Check the Author/Illustrator directory for a complete listing of Jeff Meyers work. Contact Jeff at or visit his new website: The JEFFWORKS for Creative solutions to your communication needs.

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