The Adventures of A.G. Bear
Book 12 - CAT TALES
Frills and Curls and Buttons and Bows

Amanda Gray and her family, and her three best friends, (A.G. Bear, Isadora LeChat and Mrs. Duck) were on their way to visit Amanda's Grandma. Amanda's parents had decided to drive.
They decided they would make it a leisurely journey, stopping anyplace along the way that might interest them.

Yesterday they had stopped to visit a Zoo and they had a wonderful time.
They were so tired by the end of the day that nobody had ANY trouble sleeping last night.

By the time morning rolled around, though, everybody had awakened bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Amanda and her parents went out for breakfast, while Mrs. Duck A.G. Bear and Isadora LeChat decided they'd like to try room service.

By the time Amanda and her parents returned, Mrs. Duck was sitting at the little table in the motel room, intently studying a great big map.

Ladies and Bears!
she announced, Unless I’m very much mistaken, we’re almost there!
Almost where? asked A.G. Bear.
What do you mean WHERE, A.G. Bear? howled Isadora Le Chat in amazement. We’re just about to where we’ve been going for the past three zillion miles!
Where’s THAT? asked A.G. Bear, momentarily clueless.
GRANDMA’S HOUSE!! shouted Isadora Le Chat.
I knew that, said A.G. Bear smugly. But which one? he asked Isadora LeChat, who was beginning to lose all patience with A.G. and his silly questions.
Isadora paused and rubbed her head, and then she turned to Mrs. Duck. Would you explain to A.G. Bear that we’re going to Grandma’s house while I go wash my face? she pleaded.
Which ONE? persisted A.G. Bear. We’ve got two really nice Grandmas, you know. Which one are we on our way to visit?
Oh! said Mrs. Duck. I understand! We’re going to OUR grandma’s house.
OUR Grandma’s house? asked A.G. Bear, You mean, the one who can...?
Mrs. Duck nodded, with a smile.
The very same!
she confirmed.

Does Isadora know? asked A.G. Bear.

Why...I just naturally assumed that she...Mrs. Duck’s voice trailed off.

Isadora, dear, Mrs. Duck called towards the open bathroom door where water could be heard splashing in the sink. Isadora, you DID realize that we were on our way to OUR Grandma’s house, didn’t you?

The water stopped splashing and Isadora appeared at the door with a damp towel in her paws.
OUR Grandma’s house? she said in amazement. A.G. Bear, said Isadora, That was a perfectly WONDERFUL question!
I rather thought so, replied A.G. Bear.
Where’s Miss Amanda? asked Isadora suddenly. Does SHE know?
Mrs. Duck looked around. She’s in the next room, she said. Amanda said her Mommy was going to brush her hair and fix it with special ribbons, and tie her sash in a bow, and...

OH MY GOODNESS!! gasped Mrs. Duck. We’re going to OUR Grandma’s house!

They all looked at each other.

WHAT ARE WE GOING TO WEAR??? they wailed.

After much scurrying about, everyone found exactly the right thing to wear and each one of them was all decked out in Frills and Curls and Buttons and Bows.

Mrs. Duck had on her best hat, Isadora LeChat had on her pretty pink headband, A.G. Bear had on his new red suit, and Amanda Gray wore a brand new "visit Grandma" dress.

Off they drove.

Amanda listened to the tires humming, as she watched the countryside speed past outside her window. She smiled to herself, and ever so softly, began to sing her very favorite song.

A few minutes later they were all singing it, even Amanda's Mommy and Daddy.

Grandma Speaks Fluent Duck
And bear and kitty too

But best of all she can converse
With me and all of you.

All grandmas are special
But some more than the rest

The ones who pay attention
They always are the best

Grandma speaks fluent duck
And bear and kitty too

If you should need a grandma
Then we’ll share ours with you.

All grandmas are special
But some more than the rest

The ones who pay attention
They always are the best!


It was late afternoon when Miss Amanda’s Daddy pulled into the driveway of a big, wonderfully friendly looking old house. The house had a wide front porch with a swing on it, and the shaded yard was full of flowers. A bird feeder hung from a branch of a grand old oak tree, and a pair of squirrels played tag on the front lawn.

There was a faint sound of children playing, off in the distance, and a gentle breeze carried the sound of water splashing somewhere nearby. As Miss Amanda’s Daddy opened his car door, a black and yellow honeybee droned lazily by.

Then Miss Amanda’s Mommy opened her door and was greeted by a trio of tumbling, neon hued butterflies.  
Miss Amanda’s Daddy pulled on the rear door handle, and out scrambled Miss Amanda and Isadora and A.G. Bear and Mrs. Duck, all hurriedly straightening each others skirts, and buttons, and bows, and bangs.

Just then, the door to the house whisked open, and a woman who looked a great deal like Miss Amanda literally flew down the steps.

GRANDMA!! yelled Miss Amanda, joyously throwing herself in Grandma’s arms.
GRANDMA!! whooped A.G. Bear and Isadora and Mrs. Duck, and they were all enveloped in the same big hug.

Hi, Mom, said Miss Amanda’s Daddy happily, gently putting his arms around her when she finally stood up.

Hi, Mom, said Miss Amanda’s Mommy, with happy tears in her eyes as she put her arms around the both of them.

Goodness, Gracious Sakes! said Grandma, (who was a pretty young looking Grandma, as Grandma’s go). I’m so glad to see all of you!!! she said cheerfully. Come right in. Supper will be ready in a little while, and there’s fresh baked apple pie with home made ice-cream for dessert! Why, there might even be a brownie or two in the pantry! she said with a laugh.

Grandma turned back towards the house and held out both of her hands. Miss Amanda immediately claimed one hand while A.G. Bear insisted on being carried with the other. Isadora skipped excitedly at Miss Amanda’s side, as Mrs. Duck bustled along next to A.G. Bear.

Miss Amanda’s Daddy put his arm around Miss Amanda’s Mommy, as they watched the happy little troupe head for the front door. The light breeze brought them occasional snatches of the conversation that was taking place.

A Purple Sea Cow, Isadora? You don’t say! Grandma exclaimed...Why yes, A.G., she turned to the little bear in her arms, I certainly DO think you should mail that letter!...Grandma looked down at Mrs. Duck. Well, Mrs. Duck, if you’re all out of stamps I’m quite certain we can find one inside...Yes, Amanda, of course you may be the one to put it in the mailbox...and the voices faded off as they climbed the steps to the porch.

Look at that, Miss Amanda’s Daddy smiled.
Isn’t she just swell? She’s acting as if she actually KNEW what they were SAYING.

Miss Amanda’s Mommy turned, and looked at her husband with affection. Ever so softly, and with a mysterious little smile, she told him... 

Some of us... have ALWAYS known.


Adventures of A.G. Bear
Cat Tales, Book 12- Frills & Curls, Buttons & Bows!

By Cynthia Gurin - Copyright 1994 - 2023

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Background: The Making of The Adventures of A.G. Bear

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Cynthia Gurin lives in South Florida with her husband Bob, a quartet of cats, two dogs, a remarkably wise duck, and a teddy bear or two. She has achieved recognition in both the Miami Herald and The Wall Street Journal for innovative marketing techniques. She considers the Personal Ad, through which she met her husband, to be her most rewarding literary endeavor. She holds a senior corporate position in the real world. Send Mail to Cynthia Gurin

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We're invited for lunch,
Miss Amanda and me..
First alphabet soup,
then cookies and tea.
There's bowls full of letters
like A, B, and C,
This bowl must be mine
'cause it spells C-A-T

ABOUT THE ILLUSTRATOR: Jeff Meyers is a talented writer and a talented illustrator. Jeff makes his home in Ohio. He enjoys writing fiction for all ages and has been drawing and painting all his life. His artwork includes cartoons, illustrations, computer graphics, and still life drawings. When he's not working at his computer, Jeff enjoys spending time with his wife and three children. Jeff has wonderful examples of both his artistic as well as his writing talent on display throughout Bedtime-Story. Check the Author/Illustrator directory for a complete listing of Jeff Meyers work. Contact Jeff at or visit his new website: The JEFFWORKS for Creative solutions to your communication needs.

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