The Adventures of A.G. Bear

Book 11

..Thirty Days Hath September

Amanda Grey
A.G.Bear's Friends

Isadora LeChat

Mrs. Duck

Thirty days hath September....

Amanda Grey and her family, and her three best friends, (A.G. Bear, Isadora LeChat and Mrs. Duck) were on their way to visit Amanda's Grandma. Amanda's parents had decided to drive.

They decided they would make it a leisurely journey, stopping anyplace along the way that might interest them.

Today they were visiting the Zoo.

What day is it? asked Isadora Le Chat.
A.G. Bear scratched his head. I don’t know. Why? Is it important? he asked.
Isadora had paused in front of a sign on the Zoo path. Well, she replied, It says here that on certain days, you can get your picture taken, while sitting on top of an elephant.

What does the elephant have to say about that? wondered A.G. Bear.

I have no idea, replied Isadora, But if it’s today, we’ll try to remember to ask. Now, she prompted, What day is it?

I still don’t know! insisted A.G. Bear. I mean, I used to know, but with all the traveling, I’ve sort of gotten confused.

OK, said Isadora, Lets try this...what MONTH is it?

A.G. Bear thought for a moment. I’m pretty sure it’s either Septober or Maybruary, he replied.
Isadora blinked.

Maybe there’s a calendar here somewhere, she said, and leaned closer to the sign, peering intently at the notice.

In the meantime, Mrs. Duck had silently walked up behind Isadora and was reading the sign from over Isadora’s shoulder.

MRS.DUCK! shouted Isadora over her shoulder, thinking that Mrs. Duck was still back at the last exhibit. MRS.DUCK... WHAT’S THE DATE TODAY? Isadora was shouting so loudly that it made Mrs. Duck cross her eyes.

Why, I’m not sure, dear, Mrs. Duck said quietly, speaking right into Isadora’s ear. Isadora was so startled that she jumped forward and bumped her nose on the sign.
Meeoooowwwcchh! said Isadora, patting her nose. I thought you were still back talking to the Giraffes, Mrs. Duck.
Let me see...mused Mrs. Duck. What’s the date?...hmmmmm. I used to know a little rhyme that would help me with that. I think it started... Thirty days hath September ...hmmmm, how DID that go...?
I’ve got a good idea, suggested A.G. Bear. Why don’t we go over to the elephant’s place and ask HER what day it is?

That IS a good idea, A.G. ! said Isadora.

So everybody trooped over to the great big yard where the elephants lived, and did just that.

How do you do? said Isadora politely. I’m Isadora Le Chat, and these are my friends, Mrs. Duck, A.G. Bear, Miss Amanda and Miss Amanda’s Mommy and Daddy.
There’s a sign over there, she said, pointing in the direction from which they had just come, ...which says that on certain days, one can have their picture taken, while sitting atop an elephant.

The elephant, whose name was Elvira, cocked her head and looked at them in astonishment.

Why, DO tell! she said, in a wonderful southern accent.

Isadora paused for a moment as she considered Elvira's response.
Uhhhhhh, we were attempting to determine the date, so that we might see if this was one of those days, she said.

A.G. Bear here, Isadora continued, patting A.G. Bear’s head a little fuzzy on the month part, but Mrs. Duck seems to think she remembers a rhyme...
Oh my, YAYYUS! interrupted Elvira Elephant. I LIKE rhymes!.

Wonderful!, exclaimed Mrs. Duck. Then perhaps you can help me remember this one...she said eagerly.

It begins...Thirty days hath September....

Why YAYYUS!, squealed Elvira, AH know that one!

As it happens, so did Amanda, but it's impolite to interrupt an elephant.


So Mrs. Duck began reciting the poem...

Thirty days hath September,
April, June and November,
All the rest...



Elvira broke in excitedly--

All the rest...
eat peanut butter,
All ‘cept Grandma,
She drives a Buick.

Elvira sat down with a great big happy thump, and smiled at her visitors.


Amanda looked very confused.
Thirty days hath September,
April, June, and November;

All the rest have thirty-one
Excepting February alone:
Which hath but twenty-eight, in fine,
Till leap year gives it twenty-nine.

Ohboy... thought Isadora.


Isadora leaned over and spoke into Mrs. Ducks ear.

I think we're one french fry short of a Happy Meal here, she whispered.

It’s pretty hot out, you know, said a worried A.G. Bear to Elvira Elephant. Sometimes all that sunshine can hurt the way your head works.

Maybe you could wear a hat, he suggested helpfully.


SPLENDID idea! laughed Elvira.

She promptly whipped out a multi-colored umbrella hat and cheerfully plopped it on her head. Now then! giggled Elvira, (who just loved teasing tourists), How about those pictures?!


So everybody got to have their picture taken with Elvira, who as it turns out, had a very funny sense of humor. For an elephant, that is.

By the end of the day, Amanda's family had visited every single exhibit in the Zoo, eaten hot dogs, and peanuts, and popcorn, and cotton candy, and met the most delightful group of animals.

But Miss Amanda and A.G. Bear and Miss Duck and Isadora Le Chat were all really, really tired.

And they were awfully happy to be sitting in the little red wagon that Miss Amanda’s Mommy and Daddy took turns pulling.



They passed by Elvira Elephant’s yard on the way back out, and Elvira called out cheerfully to them.

Ya’ll come back now, y’hear? she trumpeted.

They all waved to Elvira and assured her that they would definitely visit her again, the very next time they passed through town.
What a NICE visit to the Zoo that was! declared Mrs. Duck happily.
And everybody agreed with her.

Adventures of A.G. Bear
Cat Tales, Book 11- Thirty Days Hath September!

By Cynthia Gurin - Copyright 1994 - 2023

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Cynthia Gurin lives in South Florida with her husband Bob, a quartet of cats, two dogs, a remarkably wise duck, and a teddy bear or two. She has achieved recognition in both the Miami Herald and The Wall Street Journal for innovative marketing techniques. She considers the Personal Ad, through which she met her husband, to be her most rewarding literary endeavor. She holds a senior corporate position in the real world. Send Mail to Cynthia Gurin

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