The Adventures of A.G. Bear

Book 10

..To The ZOO!

Amanda Grey
A.G.Bear's Friends

Isadora LeChat

Mrs. Duck

We're going ....To The Zoo

... to the Zoo! finished Mrs. Duck.

Isadora Le Chat looked around suspiciously.

Is there an echo in here? she asked.

Miss Amanda clapped her hands with pleasure.

Amanda Grey and her family, and her three best friends, (A.G. Bear, Isadora LeChat and Mrs. Duck) were on their way to visit Amanda's Grandma. Amanda's parents had decided to drive. They decided they would make it a leisurely journey, stopping anyplace along the way that might interest them

We're going to the Zoo! exclaimed A.G. Bear. That IS exciting!. Why, we can go see Lions, and we can see Tigers and we can even see Bears!

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh MY! said Isadora, throwing her paws up in the air, and making her eyes very large.

Mrs. Duck looked at her sharply.

Couldn’t resist, deadpanned Isadora, and then she grinned.

Well, cut it out! Mrs. Duck snapped at Isadora. We’re all going to go to the Zoo, and we’re going to have a WONDERFUL time.

I LIKE Zoos, said Isadora defensively. They don’t usually SMELL very good, but they’re definitely interesting, she said thoughtfully.

Just then, Miss Amanda’s Daddy stopped the car.

Are we there yet? came A.G. Bear’s favorite question.

Uh-huh! nodded Miss Amanda, as she quickly slipped her Mary-Jane’s back on and fastened the buckles.

Miss Amanda’s Daddy bought tickets and then he rented a little red wagon in which he said Miss Amanda, A.G. Bear, Isadora and Mrs. Duck could ride whenever they got tired.

Miss Amanda’s Daddy is pretty thoughtful, isn’t he? said A.G. Bear admiringly.

He certainly is, agreed Isadora.

He certainly makes a lot of noise when he sleeps, though, said Mrs. Duck, shaking her head in amazement.

A.G. Bear and Isadora looked at each other and started to giggle.

What? demanded Mrs. Duck.

Nothing, said Isadora, and exploded with laughter.

WHAT? insisted Mrs. Duck, and turned to A.G. Bear, who was now laughing uncontrollably.

WHAT??? demanded Mrs. Duck, standing stock still with her wings on her hips. What’s so funny?

YOU’RE the one who was snoring, Mrs. Duck! said A.G. Bear.

Mrs. Duck looked over at Isadora, who, still snickering, nodded in confirmation.

Don’t be ridiculous! said Mrs. Duck haughtily. Duck’s don’t snore. Lady Ducks in particular do not snore. It’s unladylike. Mrs. Duck hopped out of the wagon and stamped away, insulted.

Isadora watched Mrs. Duck’s retreating figure and then she elbowed A.G. Bear in the ribs. Watch this! she giggled.

SssnnnnaaaAAAAARRRRRRRRRRK! went Isadora.

She and A.G. Bear just howled with laughter.

Up ahead, Mrs. Duck stopped walking. Suddenly, a great big tear rolled down her cheek. A.G. Bear and Isadora watched in horror as Miss Amanda jumped out of the wagon, rushed over and gathered Mrs. Duck in her arms.

Oh dear! said Isadora, We’ve hurt her feelings!

I didn’t mean to make her cry! said A.G. Bear, aghast.

They hopped out of the wagon and rushed up to Mrs. Duck who was now sniffling into Miss Amanda’s shoulder. Oh, Mrs. Duck, apologized Isadora, Please forgive us.

We’re so sorry we made you cry! added A.G. Bear.

We were only teasing, explained Isadora, We didn’t mean to hurt your feelings!

Mrs. Duck inhaled with a feathery little breath. Feelings are IMPORTANT, she sniffled.

We know, Mrs. Duck, said Isadora, giving her a hug.

We’ll take good care of your feelings from now on, promised A.G. Bear, and he patted Mrs. Duck on the head.

Miss Amanda smoothed Mrs. Duck’s ruffled feathers and they all started to walk down the Zoo path again, with Mrs. Duck and Miss Amanda bringing up the rear.

Suddenly, from behind A.G. Bear and Isadora, came a terrifying noise, which sounded like a wild animal had just escaped from it’s cage.

SsnnnnnaaaAARRRKKKKK! it roared.

Isadora and A.G. Bear shrieked and whirled around in terror.

Miss Amanda and Mrs. Duck were giggling.

SsnnaaAAARRRKKKK! roared Mrs. Duck again, laughing.

A.G. Bear and Isadora shared a relieved glance.
You know what? said A.G. Bear, That Mrs. Duck is a pretty good sport!
Yes, indeed, nodded Isadora, with a smile.
She certainly is!

Adventures of A.G. Bear
Cat Tales, Book 10- To The Zoo

By Cynthia Gurin - Copyright 1994 - 2023

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Background: The Making of The Adventures of A.G. Bear

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Cynthia Gurin lives in South Florida with her husband Bob, a quartet of cats, two dogs, a remarkably wise duck, and a teddy bear or two. She has achieved recognition in both the Miami Herald and The Wall Street Journal for innovative marketing techniques. She considers the Personal Ad, through which she met her husband, to be her most rewarding literary endeavor. She holds a senior corporate position in the real world. Send Mail to Cynthia Gurin

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We're invited for lunch,
Miss Amanda and me..
First alphabet soup,
then cookies and tea.
There's bowls full of letters
like A, B, and C,
This bowl must be mine
'cause it spells C-A-T

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