AG Bear is a frequent traveler to the UK, Canada, and Australia.

The shopping cart is set for domestic purchases, so to arrange for AG (or Bearonica) to travel to the United Kingdom, Canada or Australia you'll need to drop us an email with AG BEAR in the subject line so that we may send you a location specific invoice.

Questions? send email to AGBear

Here's the information we'll need when you ask us to send you the invoice:

Your name
The complete delivery address, which must match your card address
The telephone number at that address (and/or your cellphone)
Your email address, which is what we'll use to send you the PayPal invoice.
(You WILL be able to use whichever payment method you prefer, PayPal, Visa, or MasterCard. You don't need a PayPal account to purchase your bear. Do note that the processor does charge a fee for currency conversion.)

Don't forget to tell us EXACTLY what it is (and tell us how MANY) you'd like to order.
Overseas shipments travel USPS insured.

AG travels to the U.K., Australia and Canada via US Postal Service, (whose rates have just gone through the roof, we're afraid)
Travel cost (which used to be less than $17). is now the following (note: INSURANCE IS INCLUDED)

NOTE: As of APRIL 10, 2015 the prices below are shown for the United Kingdom and Australia.

Postal Delivery times sometimes vary based on location.
DO alert your mail carrier that you're expecting a package from the U.S.

AG requests that you welcome him by having a single 9 volt battery on hand.

If you have ACCIDENTALLY ordered your bear using the DOMESTIC US ORDER FORM, not to worry. Simply use PayPal to send the balance of the INTERNATIONAL shipping price (Deduct the $15 you have already paid from the international shipping cost and send that via PayPal to Remember to add a note saying what the payment is for. If you prefer to cancel your order, simply let us know and we'll immediately issue a refund via PayPal.

Questions? Just ask.
Cynthia Gurin
The Summerland Group, Inc.
772-219-0457 (Treasure Coast showroom)
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