Susan Spurgeon Sun, Nov 18, 2018 2:18 PM

I never needed an editor before because I never anticipated writing a book. The book I wrote is "Chattanooga Hugs - One Woman's Response to a Lifetime of God Pokes." I never thought that I'd tell God, "I believe. Guide me." at age 71 either. I was down to the decision point of deciding from a list when I got Cynthia's email. She didn't know she was a God Poke and neither did I at first.

When she wrote me after I had given her the job and she was into her editing and told me: "Your book is on my computer screen. I read out loud as I edit, so as not to miss anything. I'm laughing. I'm also talking back to your book."

That's when I knew for sure, she was definitely a God Poke. Our son lives in Florida. Next visit there, I'll definitely be meeting Cynthia. She's been a great editor who really enhanced my book and kept me out of some big uh-ohs. She's also been a great support for a brand new author.

Susan Spurgeon