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Introducing Summerlift CL models

Summerlift Cable Lifts Are Adjustable To Fit YOUR Cabinetry!

32 inch TV
- 36" TV - 40" TV - Plasma TV - Built-In's
Ceiling mount TV
- Partition Wall - Custom application - Converting an antique

No problem.

Summerlift four-point Cable Lifts are designed for cabinetmakers, contractors, and individuals  with reasonable mechanical skills. 

Their small size (8"h x 6"w x 3"d), ease of installation and flexibility make them suitable for a broad range of lifting and lowering applications.

12 volt Summerlifts operate for a guaranteed 10,000 cycles with load capablities ranging from 160 to 600 pounds. * loads in excess of 225 pounds employ dual Summerlift cable lifts; loads in excess of 350 pounds use quad-Summerlift cable lifts.

Summerlift Cable Lift design permits easy adaptation to fit your cabinetry - - width and height adjustable, Summerlift Cable lifts mount above, below, to either side . . . Lifting and lowering is done with 1/16" diameter flexible multistrand stainless steel cable . . . easily routed and directed by pulley placement. Pulleys are fastened with nuts/bolts and mounts provided to fit your application.
For example . . .
Fabrication of Pop Up TV™ brand cabinetry was a combination of cabinetry and a Summerlift Cable lift.

A Pop Up TV™ like those shown, consists of an outer shell to which faux doors are attached - - and an inner section (carrier) that exposes the TV when raised. 

The outer cabinetry (shell) has four sides - - no top. The top is attached to the carrier. The bottom of the carrier is the platform on which the TV is placed. 

The carrier fits closely within the outer cabinetry - - with both remote control and manual controls for raising, lowering and automatic limiting travel in both directions.

Depending on configuration of your cabinet, the lift power unit may be located under the platform, behind the outer cabinetry or even located inside adoining cabinetry.


The basic cabinetry is shown built of 3/4" (17 mm) multi-ply plywood. The advantages of plywood strength and light weight are considerations.

Building a Summerlift into an existing cabinet, chest or drawer unit to elevate a TV often requires fitting of four internal partitions representing front, sides and back of the outer shell. Remember that the inside of the outer shell represents the surface on which the carrier will be sliding. 

Lining the inside of the outer shell with high presure laminate is one desired method.


The carrier is fabricated as a unit with two sides, back and platform. The top is best designed to be added last.
The carrier is raised and lowered by cables fastened in each corner. One method used is to attach the cables to aluminum angle which is then fastened to the platform. 

Cables from each corner pass over pulleys mounted to the inside of the fixed outer shell for four point lifting and lowering.

The cable & pulley arrangement shown (CL-1 model) illustrates the Summerlift Cable Lift placed below the platform. The cables may be connected directly to the carrier, or if desired, to the optional angle (shown) to support the platform/carrier.

The adjusting turnbuckles (furnished) are to make final adjustments and leveling easy.

The power unit may be located outside the lifting area by placing direction-changing pulleys as needed. Remember that the load on each requires that they be securely fastened (bolts and nuts).

A typical Pop Up TV™ may have a lifted weight of 55# (TV) + 60# (carrier cabinetry) + 30# (weight of the top). The 145 pound load is divided over the four lifting points - - approximating 40# per lifting point.

The height of the upper pulleys is determined by the height of the TV. The pulleys must be positioned high enough to be able to permit the platform surface to be just below the top of the front of the outer shell.

Modification of existing cabinetry to accept a TV lift may require the internal addition of one or both sides, front and/or back plus carrier and top.
Looking down at the platform top shows the pulley placement on the outer shell. The pulleys are just under 1/2" thick (including the bolt/screw) 
Cable travel can be varied to fit individual project requirements merely by repositioning pulleys.

Here's one application, for a foot of the bed model Pop-Up TV™:

Designers and cabinetry builders, please review SAFETY IN CABINETRY DESIGN section on the Basic Manual page.

The weight to be lifted, and width, length and height are up to you! For example, a plasma TV may require a 40" wide platform that is only 6" deep and 36" high. 

We provide cable terminations and cable lengths to fit your needs. We'll make up the cables if you wish or, you can easily do it yourself. We provide the crimping tool too! It is simple requiring only a wrench to tighten two bolts that crimp the fittings.

The power lift unit 
The Summerlift Cable Lift RF remote control mounts within the cabinetry in any convenient location. The antenna consists of a one meter length of 18 gage wire that is secured to the inside of the cabinetry.

Control wiring carries less than 1/2 amp thus

Wiring diagram link


There is nearly no limit to the ways to utilize the Summerlift Cable Lift.
Lowering a TV from the ceiling requires adequate space above the ceiling to house the outer shell, carrier and lift. 

Joist framing and a trim cover frame are needed too.

Below: images from main salon in yacht
Main Salon Plasma TV


OEM PRICING to pre-qualified dealers
Summerlift CL-1 225 lbs
CL-2 models
are also used for wider span applications under 350lbs.
350 lbs
Marine CL2
for Panasonic Plasma TV
Summerlift CL-4 600 lbs
RF Remote control "clicker" & receiver  

Tell us your application,
We'll help you decide which model is best suited for your needs.

TO ORDER: call 772-219-0455


Summerlift CL model Lift(s)
Pulleys Side Mount (12 provided)
Cable  12 ft. provided
Cable Fittings (14)
Turnbuckles (4 provided)
Magic Sliders (8 provided)
(Summerlift Marine CL model includes Plasma TV mount)

Additional Components may be ordered separately:
Pulleys $8.47 ea.
Cable $1.10/ ft.
Cable Fitting set $11.90
Strut Supports and rollers at 28" $174 (set of 4)
Crimpers - $27ea.

For typical 25" to 27" TV's suitable for fixed platform installation,
see the Standard Summerlift with single/dual manually operated control switches
or, order Standard Summerlift with remote control.

Learn more about these models:


Marina Plasma TV installed on 75'
high performance motor yacht

CASE STUDY w/photos:
SUMMERLIFT main page

NEW Summerlift -CL (cable-lift) models




BASIC MANUAL for Standard Summerlift model (ideal for most 25" to 27" tv's)

For custom design consultation, call or email
Up to one hour of custom design and/or design consultation is provided at no charge with purchase of any Summerlift model.

Custom design, engineering, consultation, or non purchase design and engineering is billed at the rate of $150./hr. On-site large scale project design supervision is available. Request quote.

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