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Marine Application 
Panasonic Model PT 42PD2-P Plasma TV

Yard-Ready for Installation

Summerlift Marine Cable lift for installation of a height adjustable Plasma TV lift

The Panasonic Plasma TV is to be located below counter top; within a Yard built cabinet built by cabinetmakers, contractors, and individuals  with reasonable mechanical skills. 

12 volt Summerlifts operate for a guaranteed 10,000 cycles with load capablities ranging from 160 to 600 pounds. * loads in excess of 225 pounds or more than 30" in width employ dual Summerlift cable lifts; loads in excess of 350 pounds use quad-Summerlift cable lifts.

The Summerlift Marine TV enclosure consists of: (i) a platform on which the TV rests; (ii) a sheet metal channel frame and mount that secures the TV during raising/lowering (The plasma TV secures to the Summerland mounting bracket enclosed within the metal channel frame); (iii) a slide mechanism at each end of the platform that provides for smooth up and down travel; (iv) a securing lock that provides for hold-down of the TV when underway; (v) two (2) Summerlift Cable drive units and control boxes.

  The TV unit raises and lowers with (12 v dc) raising/lowering controlled by  Summerlift Marine remote control and a manual switch (both are included). At the same time the TV is raised/lowered, a section of the countertop is also raised/lowered.

TV height positioning is precisely accomplished by the user to meet individual ergonomic viewing requirements. 

1) The Panasonic Plasma TV mounts on a platform (prox 6” x 42” x ¾”) extending between Summerlift brackets located at each end of the platform. Mounting holes are provided for securing of the platform with wood screws.
2) Summerlift brackets are mounted to two slides at each end (4 slides total). The slide assemblies are yard-mounted to the cabinetry utilizing conventional s.s. wood screws.
3) Two Summerlift Cable Lift drive units are used – one at each end. The Lift Drive Units are yard-fastened to cabinetry. Note that the two Drive units may be placed in any convenient location within the overall cabinetry unit. 
4) TV Raising and lowering is accomplished simultaneously from each end via 1/16” diameter stainless steel cables. Cables may be directed via a variety of configurations to permit convenient yard placement of the drive units. 
5) One end of each lift drive unit’s cable is fastened to the lifting bracket at each end. As cable is wound onto the drive unit hubs, the platform (and TV) is raised to the desired height.
6) Upper and lower magnetic proximity limit switches are provided and incorporated into the Cable lift wiring. The yard will mount the limit switches into cabinetry. Limit positioning is accomplished by placement of two magnets. 
7) Summerlift™ Marine Plasma TV lift is warranted for 10,000 up/down cycles in normal use (at 8 up/down cycles per day, five days per week, provides 10,000/40 = 250 weeks) Summerlift™ incorporates a float-type charger on five-year lift battery.

· The height is adjustable. TV can be raised/lowered over a 25” height range.
· The TV is height-adjustable and controlled remotely or manually.
· To install the Summerlift™ Marine Plasma TV lift units, the yard will (i) mount the slide units for each end; (ii) install the platform base (iii) mount the drive units and control boxes for the two Summerlift drive units; (iv) mount pulleys for directing of lifting cables for each end of the platform (v) attach cables, adjust cable tension with included turnbuckles;  (vi) position manual switch (vii) plug float charger into 110v power source; (viii) install TV and mounting frame.  · The television, when lowered into the cabinetry is protected from damage.
· When lowered, the television receiver is out of sight thereby providing improved security.
· The television, when lowered into the cabinetry is protected from damage.
· When lowered, the television receiver is out of sight thereby providing improved security.
Crafted in the U.S., Summerland’s cable lift manufacturing complies with all applicable federal, state and municipal laws, codes and regulations regarding or pertaining to the operation of plants. All manufacturing pursuant to the requirements of this specification conforms to high professional standards and complies with best trade and industry practices.
Summerlift™ Marine Plasma TV lift model units withstand temperatures up to and including 140 F and are resistant to:
  • · Oil
  • · Mildew
  • · Vermin (non-nutrient)
  • · Mechanical wear and tear normal to TV viewing
  • · Chemicals present in normal cabin environment
  • · Salt air corrosion
1. The yard cabinetry to which the Summerlift Marine Plasma TV lift components are fastened are expected to be multi-ply  cabinet-grade plywood having physical characteristics per USCS45-60 (No Particle Board, MDF or other compressed materials are to be used for lift supporting cabinetry).

2. Interior surfaces of Summerlift components are finished with protective finishes.

3. Fasteners are stainless steel, monel or equal (corrosion resistant materials used include synthetic materials).

4. Exterior Finishes are corrosion and wear resistant finishes applied in accordance with OSHA and Environmental guidelines, codes, regulations and standards.

The basic cabinetry is shown built of 3/4" (17 mm) multi-ply plywood. The advantages of plywood strength and light weight are considerations.


The carrier is fabricated as a unit with two sides, back and platform. The top is best designed to be added last.The inner Yard fabricated unit (carrier) slides up and down within the exterior shell much like a drawer on end. It is guided up and down with the Summerlift slide. During fabrication of both cabinetry parts, slider units  installed on the exterior of the interior unit will permit smooth, accurate up and down travel.

Summerlift components and cables may be configured to fit the requirements and space available. For example: One drive unit may be mounted horizontally, the other vertically.

1. Sheet metal components are fabricated from 1018 CRS (cold rolled pickled and oiled sheet stock) in accordance with ASTM A366.
2. Lift brackets are 11 gage; Sheet metal TV housing channel frames
are 22 gage.
3. All metal parts are cadmium or equal electroplated for corrosion
protection prior to application of final finish.
4. Sheet metal parts are smooth, without sharp edges; all welds are smooth.

1. Electrical power (110v) input for Summerlift™ Marine Plasma TV lift float charger is yard furnished. brought to a surge protected power strip located within the monitor CPU compartment. A single power switch control activates CPU and monitor. (The low-power consumption float charger remains on).
2. Summerlift™ 12 volt power is activated with a key switch for security and use control. TV raising and lowering is by remote “clicker”.  A Manual rocker switch is provided for yard mounting in a convenient location. Limit switches prevent over travel of the lift.
3. TV power and data cables are easily connected through a yard provided opening in the platform.
4. All electrical components are UL approved and comply with applicable portions of the N.E.C.
5. All wiring and connector installation and assembly practices conform to highest industry standards and fully comply with ANSI, GSA, CSA (Canada), NEC, NEMA, NFPA, OSHA, UL (Hospital Grade High-Abuse) and Southern Building Code standards and specifications  for continuous 15 Amp service.
6. Summerlift Cable lifts incorporate a five-year life sealed battery with a float charger to maintain battery condition.
7. Control circuitry requires less than ½ amp permitting small wire gage use.

Packaging for shipment:
Units are fully assembled and packaged for conventional US domestic shipment.

Summerlift™ Marine Plasma TV lift General Use Notes 

Getting Started: - - Outlines general utility of the Summerlift™ Marine Plasma TV lift for raising/lowering applications. It assumes user’s mechanical and cabinetry skills and familiarity with basic low voltage (dc) wiring. The Summerlift™ Marine Plasma TV lift is shipped on a shipping board. The Summerlift is connected and ready to operate. It is shipped I this fashion so that the user may become familiar with its operation.

NOTE: Plug in chargers to 110v source!
The Summerlift™ Marine Plasma TV lift uses two control boxes. The control boxes house a battery for each lift unit; relays, the remote circuit board, interconnecting wiring. The two drive units are interconnected via a coiled cord.

Both lifts have 12 feet of lifting cable installed. The cable exits from either one or both ends of each lift. The two lifts operate in the same direction.  To operate the lift in their board mounted condition, maintain a slight pull on the cables as the cable is wound or unwound.

Mounting of the lifts may be done with the lifts laying down or vertically. Note the dual locations for mounting. The drive units have mounted magic sliders as vibration isolators. These may be removed if space constraints dictate.

The Summerlift™ Marine Plasma TV lift incorporates an RF remote with a “clicker”. Extending from the control box is an antenna consisting of an approximate one-meter length of insulated wire. This wire may be fastened to the cabinetry interior in any convenient location (fasten vertically). The 9 volt-powered remote will operate from a considerable distance . In the event that more than one Summerlift is used within the operating range of the “clicker”, individual lift frequencies may be set by varying “dip” switch settings within both the “clicker” and the circuit board located inside the control unit box. Note that both clicker and printed circuit board “dip” switches MUST be identical for operation. The remote control is “alive”. It contains a conventional 9v battery. Push to operate.  

Lifting is accomplished by stainless steel cable  utilizing a series of pulleys placed to direct the lifting/lowering. The cable is attached  to and raises and lowers a platform holding television or other devices. The platform is contained within cabinetry. Two cabinetry components are:
An exterior shell and, An interior unit with the television-bearing platform at its base; two sides and back to which the outer top is fastened.

The adjusting turnbuckles (furnished) are to make final adjustments and leveling easy.

Electrical: Lift travel is constrained by magnetic limit switches (one upper and one lower). Each limit switch consists of a switch with two wires extending (mounts in a ¾” hole), and a magnet placed in line with the switches. Depending on cabinetry design, the switch portion may be affixed to either the exterior of the moving inner- unit or to the inside of the exterior shell (non-moving) shell. The magnets are positioned after the cabinetry has been assembled and the platform leveled. The magnets need to be within ½” away from, and in line with the center of the face of the switches. When the switch and the magnet are aligned, the lift stops .  NOTE: Unless both limit switches are installed and operating, the lift will continue to run in one direction until it reached the fully unwound condition at which point it will wind the cables in the OPPOSITE direction making the “up” switch the “down” switch.

Summerlift Cable Lifts operate on 12 volts, direct current. They are powered by a five-year life 12 volt battery located within the control box.  The charger is to be plugged into a 110 volt outlet. It is a “float” charger that will maintain the battery in a charged condition. The control wiring (manual/remote) carries low amperage - - so very small wire gages may be employed. The lengths of all control wires may be varied to suit installation needs. Conventional spade connectors are typically used. The manual switch should be located in a reasonably accessible position for use in the event the “clicker” is misplaced.  

SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT: Cabinetry designer/builder must consider potential hazards in raising and lowering. There should be no access to moving parts and, in the front where the top meets the exterior front, a ½” clearance ought be incorporated such that there is no possibility of fingers being caught during closing. Examine your design to be certain that there is no possibility of adults or children being able to place a finger into an area where crushing could occur.

The power lift unit 
The Summerlift Cable Lift RF remote control mounts within the cabinetry in any convenient location. The atenna consists of a one meter length of 18 gage wire that is secured to the inside of the cabinetry.

Control wiring carries less than 1/2 amp thus n

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Marina Plasma TV installed on 75'
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