Summerlift Single Belt Supplement

In order to easily raise and lower a wide range of components such as plasma/LCD televisions and the like, the CL-1S unit has proven simple to install, robust, near-silent and reliable.


The battery, remote receiver board, motor relays and wiring are mounted in an enclosure box . Upper and lower limit switches, remote control antenna, manual rocker switch and float charger are pre-wired. Lengths of leads are based on cabinetry requirements.

For Example:
Lifting is accomplished by a single nylon belt which lifts the carrier ("drawer" that holds a plasma monitor) from within a cabinet.

1. Lift belt may exit Summerlift Drive from either end
2. Switch and limit switch leads may be extended or shortened as required
3. Handle Remote Control Receiver board with care
4. For remote controlled units, antenna MUST be run vertically behind front face of cabinet.
5. Battery connections: RED lead to positive (+) terminal.
6. Connect float charger to connector next to motor relays - plug "cube" onto 110 volt outlet. Red LED lights when charging.

Single Belt Summerlift shown mounted on left side under top.
View is from behind lifted "drawer" in which TV is mounted.

Lift drive unit may be mounted in multiple positions depending on space available within cabinetry. With additional roller units, the lift unit may be placed at a distance.


Indicates spacing and arrangement of slides, roller and magic sliders.. The combination provides smooth raising and lowering. Note filler strips inserted for maintenance of spacing (1/4") for magic sliders.


Where television and cabinetry lifted are large or heavier than 175 lbs., the CL1-2S lifting unit employs two straps as shown below. Each strap extends from the CL1 in opposite directions; passes under a roller mounted on each side at cabinet bottom; then upwards, over a top mounted roller unit, then down to the lifted "drawer" where they are secured.

The CL1-2S installation is generally best made so the straps are forward of the drawer centerline.

Single Belt Unit Requires Use of Guide Slides.