Introducing . . . Summerlift Model # CL-1
12 volt Summerlifts operate for a guaranteed 10,000 cycles. This model has a load capability of up to 225 lbs., and may be combined into dual, triple and even "quad" drive unit configurations for heavier lifts (models CL-2, etc.)

Our  Summerlift Cable Lift Series has been developed, tested and proven in the lab and in the field. It reflects our in depth understanding of specialized requirements in widely varied applications, including Pop Up TV, computer work stations, raising and lowering of equipment, work surfaces, as well as managing lifting tasks indoors, outdoors, at sea, and even in the air.

Suitable for do-it-yourself as well as professional projects, the CL-1 provides economical, high torque, quiet, reliable, hoisting of medium weight loads with the benefits of safe, easy to control 12 volt power. Summerlift is used in the U.S. and abroad.

Like all of our Summerlift Products, the CL-1 model has the availability of our optional remote control. You can raise or lower from distances of up to 140 feet with precise control -- for windows, TVs, pantries, bars, hatches, appliances, assisted living devices etc., etc., - - all at a low cost. The remote control may be ordered with the CL-1 OR, can be easily added later.

If we've done our job well, our site has provided you with a combination of equipment and design assistance to let you consider implementing just about anything you can imagine moving up and down or side to side. Plus, in addition to our engineering staff, we also make available to you counsel from experienced professional craftspeople who can answer just about any question you may have, because, they've "been there and done that!" 

We have spent a great deal of time and effort to get it right. So--- just ask, because we've got your answers!.
Summerlift Model CL-1 12 volt components are shown prior to packing for shipment. The lift is shipped fully operable. Just plug charger into 110v source, turn key and operate by moving lever on key switch.

Image notes, beginning from top left to right:

Float Charger plugs into 110v AC source.

Control Box contains battery, relays (2) & wiring.

Upper & Lower limit switches w/magnets and magnet mounting stainless steel screws & pulleys.


Mounting board for shipping

Keylock Switch Rocker type w/electric lock

Drive unit mounts as shown or laying down.

Coil cord connects Lift Drive Unit & Control Box, extends 30'.

Pulleys, upper and lower limit switches, and magnets with stainless steel mounting screws are shown board-mounted for shipping.
When your lift arrives, to see how the limit switches will function, hold one of the two (white) switches near one of the two (small round silver colored) magnets shown board-mounted next to the switches. Operate the motor control by pushing the red toggle switch towards and away from the key -- note that the motor operates in one direction only while the limit switch and magnet are in close proximity. Try the second limit switch -- the motor operates in the opposite direction only - - until you move the switch away from the magnet. 

The limit switches require a 3/4" hole. The magnets activate the switch within 5/8".

Stainless steel sealed bearing pulleys mount with bolts. 

Two cables with terminating turnbuckles for tension adjustment are also board mounted for shipping and are displayed next to the provided keylock switch.

The two cables are wound onto, and unwound from, a single hub. The cables may be led in the same direction, or in opposite directions, as desired. The 1/16" diameter cables may be routed and directed by pulleys to fit cabinetry and lifting requirements.
 Cable lengths of up to 100 feet can be provided for special applications. The lengths of cable, direction of cable runs, and fastening are flexible. We have provided spade terminal disconnects for ease in electrical installation. 

Except for the automatic float charger, Summerlift is 12 volt DC powered. That means it's safe and easy to modify wiring, too. 


CL-1 Drive unit shown below with;
Cables (2) and temporary mounted pulley, plus key lock switch.

NOTE that the switch must be held continuously during lift operations. This is a safety feature so that during movement up or down, the operator is in control. 

The drive unit is 3" x 6" x 8"h. It may be mounted vertically or horizontally. The mounting holes are located on a lower flange and on the vertical back (provides for four mounting bolt locations).
There are vibration isolation strips attached to the mounting surfaces to minimize transmission of noise. If space requirements dictate, the strips may be removed.

The electric key switch is shown in the "off" position. Turn key clockwise to energize the lift. The rocker switch is shown with a (red) extension installed. This may be removed if required for space or asthetic considerations.

The length of the wiring for the switch may be increased as needed. 22 - 28 gauge wire may be utilized.   
The Control box contains battery, relays (2), interconnecting wiring for upper and lower limit switches. The coiled cord connects to the drive unit. The plug-in float charger maintains battery condition. It has a six foot cord length for convenience. The charger is to be plugged into a 110v AC source. To use Summerlift abroad, simply use a standard (low-wattage) converter.

Charging will take place as needed. An indicator lamp lights on the face of the charger during charging operations - - the light goes out when the battery has reached full charge.

The control box is 3" x 5" x 7". Like the drive unit, the control box may be mounted in any position to fit cabinetry. The battery is a sealed unit (5 year life) 12 volt battery utilized in emergency lighting units. 

In the event that it is necessary to move the drive unit farther away from the control unit than permitted by the coiled cord furnished, an increased wire size will be needed. Contact Summerland Engineering for specific gage wire for the length needed.


Safety First - - Throughout our Summerlift pages, we continually emphasize the importance of safety in design. For example, the cable we use is "rated" at 480 lbs.; but when fittings are added, reductions in usable loads should be expected. For TV lifts therefore, we de-rate each cable to 150 pound maximum loading.

Even more important are the safety considerations of "pinch-points" in your cabinetry design. There should be no possibility of a finger being caught when lifting or lowering. If there are children where a lift/lower device is used, extra attention  needs to be given to device safety and security - - Things that move up and down at the touch of a button are fascinating to adults -- and thrilling/tempting to kids! 

Both the CL-1 model and the Standard Summerlift are ideal for foot of the bed style Pop-Up TV™ applications.
The Summerlift model you require will be determined by the dimensions and weight of the television.

Click on image of dresser at left to enlarge.

  Powering Dumbwaiters - -  a special note - -

Although Summerland manufactures lift equipment for use in a variety of applications, we do not manufacture complete dumbwaiter kits. You are cautioned to check your local building and zoning codes. Some municipalities categorize the inspection and permit requirements for residential dumbwaiters along with those of personal elevators.

Listed below are some online companies which may offer complete dumbwaiter kits -(shaft framing, rails, cabinetry, doors, etc.) - Summerland has no specific knowledge of either the reliability of the products offered, the companies offering them, or the accuracy of information provided on their respective web sites.

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