MIGA/BIB* Monitor Function
A closer look
The OFFICE™ and 21" Monitors

The OFFICE™ is equipped with a patented powered monitor lift. To free the desk-top for non-computing tasks, the monitor is electrically elevated to a concealed position. At the touch of a switch, the monitor also adjusts to an ideal viewing height.

CEO & Professional Models look like this when MIGA/BIB Function is activated:

Primary desktop measurement for all models is approx. 24" deep x 46 1/2" wide. The CEO model (shown below) has U-shaped work area with rugged door-mounted work table on the right and glide-out convertable worktable located in peripheral cabinet at left. Click on photo to enlarge.

About 21" Monitors, Oversized CPU Towers, and The CEO model units

The majority of CPU's will fit quite nicely in the CPU compartment. In the rare instance where measurements are off by a fraction of an inch, the plastic "cradle" in which the CPU sits can simply be removed, since it will have been superceded by the glider. Extremely oversized (unusual configuration - height/width) CPU's may not fit in the CPU compartment. but alternative locations for the unusual CPU design have been provided. Even the largest or most unusually sized CPU can be sited on the far right desktop. Cableway and phone/electrical outlets are in place to receive it.

The CEO and Professional models of The OFFICE™ are designed to accept up to 19" monitors with full utility. The pictures throughout this site variously show 17" and 15" monitors. 21" monitors may be accommodated by CEO and Professional models of The OFFICE with limitations.

Measure the depth of your monitor. Early 21" monitors were dinosaurs. Newer models offer 21" screen areas with lesser case depth than had been previously required. When in doubt, ask us.

The existing monitor lift will permit 80# + monitor raising and lowering. Monitor case dimensions of 21 ˝" fit. The size of the case restricts the use of the monitor’s swivel base (the rear corner of the case will strike the side wall and if positioned so as to make the monitor angle toward the right, the case will need to be "pushed-back" into place prior to raising the lift.

Alternative 1
The monitor lift may be used as a semi-fixed platform by lowering it to accept the monitor without the capability of readily raising it to the concealed position. The travel of the monitor lift may be limited to minor adjustments in the lowered position such that it is raised or lowered only enough to clear the desk-top flip-up and to make nominal height adjustments for operator viewing.

Alternative 2
An alternative user-adopted solution has been to place the monitor (with its swivel base) on the printer slide-out shelf in the left hand cabinet. This space has clear dimensions of 21 ˝"h x 22"w x 22"d. The slide out will support 100# in full-extension. The digitizer pad or mouse is accommodated on the keyboard pull-out.. The monitor lift may then be used to accommodate printer, second monitor etc..

Alternative 3
Large monitors have potential imbalance. The center of gravity is toward the front. Depending on the monitor base configuration, a bracket shelf may be utilized to fixed-mount the monitor above the desktop. The brackets may be secured to the rear (1/2" plywood substrate) wall. Positioning is critical to accommodate the flip-up portion of the desk top so as to permit adequate clearance during flip-up raising and lowering. We will determine details of bracket placement with user-provided monitor dimensions. Please include face dimensions (height and width) of monitor case, overall length (front to rear) and base footprint.


The acronym MIGA/BIB stands for "Make It Go Away/Bring It Back".

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