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Specification & Protocols

Classroom Computer Learning Station

28" wide* x 24" deep x 28"h (desk top lowered position)

Adjustable Desk Top 26" w X 24" deep with forward slide travel of 17"

The Learning Station

Design, Safety and Reliability-Quality


Defines material and performance specifications for fully assembled and wired, standardized, automated, self-contained, ergonomic, mobile combination workstation-desks for classroom applications. The 12 volt dc Summerlift™ monitor lift permits the unit to work as both a computer workstation and conventional desk.

The monitor, CPU, keyboard and mouse lower behind a protective sheet metal shroud with powered (12 v dc) raising/lowering controlled by two-handed OSHA-type safety (the student user must depress two switches simultaneously to initiate Summerlift travel). Monitor height positioning is precisely accomplished by the student (does not require intervention or assistance) . Optional remote on-off Summerlift power control for teacher management of multiple student units is available.

  1. Classwork with computers is safely performed with full security for components and powered precisely adjustable ergonomically responsible work heights via powered monitor raising and lowering. Summerlift incorporates dynamic braking for positive positioning. Summerlift incorporates a float-type charger on five-year lift battery.
  2. Summerlift is warranted for 10,000 up/down cycles in normal use (at 8 up/down cycles per day, five days per week, provides 10,000/40 = 250 weeks)
  3. No exposed sharp corners or "pinch-points".
  4. Conventional student desk top capabilities are provided when computer stowed in its lowered position.


In computing mode, the LS 512 permit s full, normal operation of a single Tower-style PC CPU and monitor (up to 21") with keyboards and mice on a keyboard pull-out tray positioned to adjust in height with the monitor/CPU. It is a durable, rugged-service unit.


In order to advance in-classroom student use of computers, workstations that replace conventional schoolroom desks, house computing equipment permitting safe, ergonomically responsible functional student use.

Licensees maintain manufacturing plant capability adequate to satisfactorily supply market demands for Student Learning Stations within licensed territory and, comply with all applicable federal, state and municipal laws, codes and regulations regarding or pertaining to the operation of its plant, plants of sub-licensees, contractors and subcontractors, and shall maintain the plant(s) in a clean, wholesome condition. All manufacturing pursuant to the requirements of this specification conforms to high professional standards. Licensees comply with best trade and industry practices, and with instructions, specifications and drawings

LS-512 units withstand temperatures up to and including 140 F and are resistant to:

  1. The cabinetry has physical characteristics per USCS45-60 with heavy-duty exterior wear and abrasion resistant facing. The cabinetry is multi-ply 3/4" cabinet-grade plywood having physical characteristics per USCS45-60.
  2. No Particle Board, MDF or other compressed materials are used.
  3. Interior surfaces, desktop and keyboard tray are finished with high-pressure laminate applied and adhered in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendation without discoloration, bubbles or raised areas; all joints shall be without visible gaps; edges without damage, fraying, rips, drill holes or other fabrication-caused marks.
  4. All exposed cabinetry edges are edge-banded.
  5. Screw covers enclose exposed screws on the interior surfaces.
  6. Exterior Finishes are multi part furniture finishes applied in accordance with OSHA and Environmental guidelines, codes, regulations and standards.


  1. Sheet metal components are fabricated from 1018 CRS (cold rolled pickled and oiled sheet stock) in accordance with ASTM A366 16 gage.
  2. All metal parts are to be cadmium or equal electroplated for corrosion protection prior to application of final powder coat finish.
  3. Sheet metal parts are smooth, without sharp edges; all welds are smooth.


  1. Electrical power (110v) input for monitor, CPU and float charger is brought to a surge protected power strip located within the monitor CPU compartment
  2. Monitor power and data cables are easily connected within the monitor/ CPU compartment.
  3. Keyboard and mouse cables feed through a port to the keyboard/mouse pullout tray. The keyboard tray has a safety switch requiring full keyboard insertion prior to Summerlift activation.
  4. CPU Power lead and monitor power lead are connected to surge protected outlet strip.
  5. All electrical components are UL approved and comply with applicable portions of the N.E.C..
  6. All wiring and connector installation and assembly practices conform to highest industry standards and fully comply with ANSI, GSA, CSA (Canada), NEC, NEMA, NFPA, OSHA, UL (Hospital Grade High-Abuse) and Southern Building Code standards and specifications for continuous 15 Amp service.

Units are fully assembled and packaged for conventional US domestic shipment. Unit may be pallet mounted for shipment. Appropriate and adequate corner protection is provided. Setup involves powering the units, raising the Summerlift™ to provide clearance for inserting monitor and CPU. CPU and monitor cables are interconnected, mouse and keyboard cables plugged in and power cords are connected to the surge protection strip.

The product’s Warranty does not apply to appearance items, accessories, or any printed materials. Component warranties such as Summerlift’s 10,000 cycle warranty extend beyond one year but are limited to the first purchaser.

Summerland/AM Equipment warrants to Buyer of LS-512 (also LS-512P, LS-B52, K-4 and other LS-style models) that all goods furnished are of good quality and new, fit for the purpose intended and free of manufacturing and design defects for a period of one year after installation and Summerland shall repair or replace, at its option and at no cost to Buyer, any goods that exhibit material defects within the warranty period such defects are not attributable to neglect, abuse, or improper use or installation. Summerland cannot and does not warrant that all goods will conform to state and local codes and regulations in the state of final destination.. In no event shall Summerland or AM Equipment, Inc. be liable, or in any way be held responsible for any damages or defects in model LS-512 which were caused by repairs or attempted repairs performed by anyone other than Summerland/AM Equipment authorized service. Nor shall The Summerland Group and/or AM Equipment, Inc. be liable, or in any way responsible, for any incidental or consequential economic or property damage. In order to assert rights under this warranty. Buyer must notify Summerland, in writing, of the defective goods and the nature of any defect within three weeks of discovery of any defect.


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