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A patented product of The Summerland Group
Handicapped Accessible
Double-Duty, Convertible & Mobile
Computer Furniture
The LS-512 model is uniquely flexible.
Recently featured on the cover of Home Office Computing

Looking for an LS-512 model in beautiful Cherry?
You found it. Immediate shipping.

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NeoCon® '99 World's Trade Fair
for Interior Design & Facilities Management.
BUILDINGS magazine’s Innovations Awards
GRAND PRIZE-Computer Solutions: The Learning Station
June 1999 at The Merchandise Mart, Chicago, with more than 800 show exhibitors of facilities products and services, (NeoCon, New Hospitality, BPIA Marketplace, Decorex™ USA, and Technocom™), was sponsored by BUILDINGS magazine, and managed by Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc.
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LS-512 with MIGA/BIB Function
Make It Go Away/Bring It Back

  • Monitor and keyboard tray are height adjustable.

  • Desktop in non-computing mode is height adjustable.

  • Compact 24" x 28" Footprint. Mobile. Surge protected. A single 110volt electrical outlet is all that's needed. Contains NO PARTICLE BOARD.

  • Accepts up to 21" monitor & 19" tower CPU.

  • Desktop pulls forward up to 17" in non-computing mode, offering maximum leg room and comfortable working conditions.


It's convertible!
Touch a switch and a fully adjustable desk becomes a wired, mobile, fully adjustable computer workstation.

The Learning Station
& POP-UP TV - click it!
In a class by itself.
For Education, Training, & Telecommuters!

It's convertible! It's user friendly!
Use it in the UP position, (LS-512 model will accept both a combo printer/scanner and a combo PC

Canon BJC2000

E-Machine Model One 500
or use it UP with a portable computer.

Or... use it in the down position
with regular paper and a pen,
or with your laptop computer.
Either way, it adjusts to fit each user.

Multiple finish options. Laminate or Fine Furniture.
This detail close-up is of a model LS-512P in Cherry
with contrasting Cherry Laminate desktop, for a Veterans Administration training facility.

DETAIL: Dual Lift Switches Are Recessed

LS-512 model shown above with genuine Cherry desktop
Need a below-desk monitor mount? We have that too. The LS-512P model at right is adjustable and convertible!.

New Model:

The Pop-Up OFFICE $3500
Desk & Console styles available

Pop-up Office models may be used as stand-alone desks, or like a credenza, placed behind a traditional desk.

The Learning Station user in above photo is 5' 8" tall. She is 8" shorter than the user shown at right. The LS-512 adjusts instantly to fit each individual.

Same LS-512 desk, user is 6'4".


From kindergarten to college and on into adulthood, computer users come in all shapes and sizes. The Learning Station™ adjusts to meet specialized requirements of growing students from K-12 and beyond.  The Learning Station provides what's needed for each of them, regardless of age or height, to work safely, and ergonomically. It helps eliminate functional obstacles so that students can devote their attention to learning.

Look closely at the photos at right. Do it with a critical eye. This is representative of typical computer installations in elementary, secondary, and university classrooms throughout the country. Assess the height variation between students. Evaluate eye-angle, typing angle, note excessive distance from screen, and in some cases, forearms forced against table edge for long periods of time.

Yesterday's typical "drop it on the desk" method of installing computers in schools and training facilities has created a widespread ergonomic problem that can be quickly and easily solved with The Learning Station.

You've used a button to adjust a seat in an automobile. It's exactly that easy to adjust The Learning Station for comfortable computer operation.

No waste of valuable classroom space!
This compact footprint desk does double-duty. Use height-adjustable monitor feature for computer labs, or use lowered, height adjustable writing desk in traditional classroom mode.



Lower the desktop, turn the key, computer equipment is secured.

The Learning Station is the Swiss Army Knife of computer furniture.

  • Overview of Summerlift™ mechanism used for height adjustment

Short on space? Watching Your Budget?
Ideal for Apartments, Dorm Rooms, B.O.Q., Vacation Homes

The LS-512 Model ALSO

Comfortably seats two for dinner.

Click to enlarge

Extend the desktop
Drop in the leaf...

and...It seats 2 for dinner!.

Planning pizza in the dorm? Do it.
The optional leaf creates a spacious 24" x 48" table area.

Available Options Include:
LS-Table Leaf
Interior Shelving for Laptop Users
Interior Lighting
Uninterruptable Power Supply
& Racing Casters for office competitions.

Alternative Officing - Practical Engineering.

What OTHER Uses Have YOU Found For The Learning Station?

"At my secretary's suggestion we recently moved the microscope to the Learning Station's height-adjustable desktop. I'm 6'4" and our youngest lab assistant is 5'2". Now we can adjust for everybody's viewing comfort. We can even use it from a standing position. The computer compartment beneath the desktop lets us make the most of limited office space. Good idea. Nice product." WDH, DVM
"..the height-adjustable desktop is a great place to site my portable drafting board." JKL
"..since the desktop's laminate, it wears pretty much like iron. I can just toss the portable ironing board on it, and elevate the desktop to a comfortable work height while I take a wrinkle out of a blouse. It sure beats dragging out a big ironing board for a two minute touch up. I love the two for dinner table feature. Sure wish I'd had this in my dorm room when I was in college." Sharon J.
"..I telecommute and we're expecting our first grandchild in October, so I've begun to sew again... My compact Learning Station actually does triple duty, first as a computer workstation for my laptop and printer, and I've found it makes a very handy cutting table (with the leaf in). I even use my little featherweight Singer portable on the height-adjustable desktop" Rena V.
"..the height-adjustable desktop is a handy place for fly-tying." William T..

"We have a laptop and a PC and my son and I both enjoy building scale models of space vehicles. A lot of the model plans are online and The Learning Station desktop adjusts to whichever of the two of us has a model underway. We can push the up-buttons and leave the model undisturbed when we want to access the second computer system. Very handy. My wife also likes the fact that the kitchen table isn't all cluttered up with guy projects" Terry W.





Armoire models for Business - Home -Industry
Wired. Mobile.
Even the chair closes up inside.
The LearningStation
Compact, Convertible Models For Education, Training, Telecommuting

K-4 for younger students
LS-512 -5th grade to adult
LS-512P-below-desk monitors
OEM Monitor & TV LIFTS

Lift & Roll
Move Anything
Jacking Caster Mechanism

Pop-up cabinets for TV, Stereo, media.

The OFFICE™, The Learning Station™, POP-UP TV™ and related models and lift mechanisms
are patented products of The Summerland Group, Inc.
Tel: 772-219-0455

Price Information for The OFFICE and The Learning Station
K-12 Schools and Universities please inquire about quantity discounts for The Learning Station.
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About The Summerland Group, Inc.

Summerland is an engineering firm whose product team includes aerospace, automotive, and NASA mechanical, electrical and systems engineers, woodworking craftspeople, metal fabrication, material experts, and motor specialists. We manufacture innovative, award-winning Computer Furnishings for Home, Business, Industry and Education.

In June of 1996 we were honored to accept International Grand Prize at NeoCon, the World's Trade Fair for Interior Design, Facilities Management and Communications for our patented computer furniture, The OFFICE™.
We were pleased to introduce our newest model line, The Learning Station™, which promptly followed in the footsteps of The OFFICE, and earned our engineering team its second Grand Prize at NeoCon, in June of 1999.

Summerland's focus is on logic, practical engineering, and user-friendly designs. We concur with the majority of ergonomics experts who believe natural viewing offers the safest and most practical computing environment. Towards this end, we have created the LS-K4 model for younger students, and the LS-512 model of The Learning Station for older students and adults, the LS-512P for those who require a below-desk VDT model, and POP-UP TV for media applications. Each design has multiple variations, from height-adjustable lecterns, to sit/stand workstations, and more. The nav-bar above will lead you directly to specific products or you may use this link to return to the main page and illustrated INDEX


LIFT SPECIFICATIONS: Summerlift™ brings a significant breakthrough in lift & lower technology to a vast range of applications. The first low-voltage high torque lift designed for near-silent raising and lowering of up to 200 pounds (standard configuration). Precise positioning control, automatic dynamic braking and uneven load management are just the beginning. Summerlift™ was designed and developed using the highest reliability drive with engineered, geared, power transmission to produce extremely smooth load transition to move even sensitive equipment through a vertical range up to 60 inches at variable rates of speed - - tailored to each application. Summerlift™ is self-contained. All components are contained within its 5 ½" height powder-coated, heavy weight sheet metal lift platform. 27 ¾" in length, 20" in width, the lift platform upper surface holds computer monitors and CPU, or television. Lifting belts (2,000 lb. non-stretch rating) from four points secure to cabinetry or frame. Woven belts are internally capstan reel contained; guide rollers are incorporated within the lift platform. Summerlift™ electrical system includes a 5 year-life battery with integrated float charging system, travel limit switches, lift-lower control switches and, locking key-switch for system security. Summerlift™ adapts to a variety of installation applications. Product assembly benefits include easy mounting fastening with a range of conventional systems and hardware. Summerlifts™ engineers are experts in system integration and design. Product awards reflect our dedication to practical innovation. We even have the ability to conceal wiring internally within cabinetry utilizing patented Fibercore®. Summerlift™ systems are weather sealed. Indoors or outdoors, they provide reliable, economical, safe and facile solutions to raising/lowering. The range of application opportunities is unlimited.

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