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Directing: ILLUMINATION software division

Dr. Martin Woodhouse
Studied medicine and experimental psychology at Cambridge and St. Mary's Hospital, and became a Scholar at the Medical Research Council Applied Psychology Unit, Cambridge studying artificial intelligence.

During National Service Dr. Woodhouse worked at the Institute of Aviation Medicine and the Radar Research Establishment on, among other projects, the computerized target and guidance system for the Bloodhound ground-to-air missile.

 On leaving the Royal Air Force he became a novelist and scriptwriter in the UK and Hollywood.

Dr. Woodhouse has published eleven novels, several of them best sellers, and written some 70 screenplays for film and television, including the popular series, "The Avengers" and "Supercar".

In 1980 he returned to computing, as a freelance programmer and system designer. He is also particularly astute in the field of in-depth stock analyses of e-commerce companies.

A sophisticated investor himself, Dr. Woodhouse has designed and written commodity trading simulations, currency and financial futures trading systems, along with the remarkable "no Windows needed" electronic publishing suite "Illumination".

Directing: LunchBOOK hardware division

Phil McNally, 54, by training a clinical psychologist, who, like Dr. Woodhouse, also found himself intrigued by computers and artificial intelligence is an equally strong proponent of common sense product engineering. Phil brings 23 years of experience in all phases of the computer and software business to SummerWood and directs LunchBOOK and related product development.

Directing: Marketing, Publishing, and Product Strategies

SummerWood is spearheaded by Cynthia Gurin, 54, who has achieved recognition in both the Miami Herald and The Wall Street Journal for innovative marketing techniques. She designed the LunchBOOK hardware concept as an adjunct to Dr. Woodhouse's software, developed the award-winning Bedtime-Story web site along with its related marketing vehicles, authored initial portions of the sites popular story content, and currently provides overall SummerWood project direction. She is also a partner in a small engineering company whose innovative products have twice been awarded International Grand Prize at the World's Trade Fair, both in 1996 and 1999, been featured globally and in multiple languages, in over 400 books, magazines, newspapers and television shows, (including the NBC Today Show), garnering nearly a full page feature in Fortune magazine as "Product To Watch".

C.K.Gurin is the primary contact for The SummerWood Partnership
or 561-219-0455.

BOARD MEMBER: Ronald Milner, President of Applied-Design Laboratories, Inc.
BSEE and MSEE/CS, U.C. Berkeley Phi Beta Kappa, Tau Beta Pi.
Ron co-invented Atari's 2600 Video Computer System, and invented A.G. Bear for Nolan Bushnell's Axlon. He also counts among his fifteen patents the Nike Monitor Ultrasonic Distance Measuring System, KLIXX®, the "Autotalk" Traffic Information Systems, numerous games and new technology products. He excels at reducing the complexity of product concepts, and at generating cost effective products. Ron's group has individually developed electronic and computer related products that have sold over $1 billion at retail, including Atari's big winner, the 2600 Video Computer.

BOARD MEMBER: Dr. Robert Gurin, CEO of The Summerland Group, Inc.
Studies in Mechanical Engineering and Economics at Universities of Pennsylvania and California (Los Angeles); instructed in vector analysis and energy system economics. For thirty years, Dr. Gurin has provided management and engineering consulting to industry, the U.S. and Caribbean Nation governments. He has served as Chief Engineer, General Manager, Vice President of Operations and President of manufacturing and service organizations operating within the U.S., Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Dr. Gurin served as Managing Director of ITH AG, $200MM European-based Swiss Holding Company. He re-engineered, cost-cut, developed new products, and established integrated management in subsidiaries in four industries on two continents - - projects on four continents including program development and implementation in Industrial residue management, Security Systems, Wood Products Manufacturing, Rubber Component Fabrication, and industry privatization within a former eastern bloc nation.

He has been directly responsible for formation, development and management of Scientific Baits Inc. (manufacturers of Gatorbait) and of General Noisecontrol Corp. which, prior to its sale, was the nation's largest industrial noise control organization. He holds multiple patents, has conducted national and international seminars on Gasification (Sweden), hazardous residue disposal and cogeneration (Hungary and Brazil), and Chemoreception in marine animals (Norway and Denmark). He was formally cited by Booz-Allen and Hamilton and Babcock and Wilcox for his performance as a "superior developmental leader".

CEO of The Summerland Group, Inc., Dr. Gurin is a highly-qualified, business manager, experienced chief executive/ board member with superb manufacturing, technical, communication and organizational skill sets. He is considered an expert in cost control, new-business building, professional organization developer/teacher, and leader.

Technical Accomplishments:

Listed Who's Who 1980, Dr. Gurin also has high-level PC computer-literacy with limited RISC, systems engineering, IBM main frame systems experience, excellent comprehension of e-commerce and related strategies.

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