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Model K-4 - PRINTABLE - Quotation Request

The Summerland Group Inc.. ("Summerland") is pleased to quote; expressly subject to the following terms and conditions:

Model, quantity, and price

# Units Quantity
Outer Finish
    Laminate ___ Maple ____
Special Finish _______________________

The total price is $________________

Delivery Schedule Desired: ____________________________

The place of delivery shall be ______________________________.
Delivery detail timing will be scheduled at Buyer’s convenience by shipper via telephone to buyer at (_____) ___ - ______ or at (______)____________________.

If Buyer is unable to accept the goods when they are ready for delivery, Summerland shall store the goods, either at its own facility or at another facility, and Buyer shall be responsible for the reasonable costs of such storage and of moving the goods to and from such storage. Summerland and Buyer agree that neither shall be liable for delays caused by labor strikes (whether their own employees or the employees of others), civil insurrection, war, weather, acts of God, or failure of an independent shipper to deliver according to schedule, if such delays were not caused by Summerland or Buyer.

Credit Card ______ Company Check ______ COD ______ Other ______

Sales and Use Taxes. Summerland shall pay all local sales, consumer, use and similar taxes on materials purchased for the manufacture of goods described above. Buyer shall pay any sales, use, consumer, or other taxes as may be required by the state or local laws of the state of final destination.

Warranties. Summerland warrants to Buyer that all goods furnished are of good quality and new, and free of manufacturing defects. Summerland warranties all goods to be free from labor and material defects for a period of three years after installation unless abused, neglected, or improperly used, and Summerland shall repair or replace, at its option and at no cost to Buyer, any goods that exhibit or material defects within the warranty period that are not attributable to neglect, abuse, or improper use or installation of the goods. Summerland cannot and does not warrant that all goods will conform to state and local codes and regulations in the state of final destination. Summerland shall not be liable for any damages, including, but not limited to, physical injury or lost profits, which result from defects in the goods. In order to assert rights under this warranty, Buyer must notify Summerland, in writing, of the defective goods and the nature of any defect within three weeks of discovery of the defect.

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