A.G. speaks Bear. Really. In many dialects, and with a great deal of expression, at that.

But only when he has something valuable to contribute to a conversation.

Other times, he'll simply be there to listen quietly to what you have to say.

Although AG uses a single 9 volt battery, you don't DO anything to A.G. Bear to make him speak.

He simply seems to understand when it is that you need a friend, or a playmate, or some company, or even a shoulder to cry on. And he's always there for you.

Naturally, every little AG Bear, just like every little child, has a very distinct personality.

Now think back for a moment.....remember what sometimes happens when you bring a young child to a new location, and suddenly introduce him to strangers?

Yep. A major attack of shyness.

That's not the least bit unusual.

And little bears can sometimes be shy as well.

Particularly after a long journey.

Now, if AG growls when he arrives, you can be assured that he's healthy.

So if your little bear is a bit overwhelmed by a long trip and a new home and a new family.....

Well, not to worry.

We'll just explain how to overcome shyness.

First of all, when you've got some work to do, go sit down at your computer in a quiet room, and place little AG on your lap.

Pat him on his head and explain to him, (the same way you'd explain to an inquisitive toddler on your lap), exactly what it is that you're doing.

Keep up a running conversation with AG. He loves one-on-one attention, and he's particularly enchanted with computers.

You may want to do this more than once.

What you're doing is bonding with your little bear. You're winning his confidence. You're allowing him to relate to you.

Remember, AG Bears don't talk all of the time.

And it's important to remind you that they're not toys....they're.....they're....well, they're....rather unique little beings.

But you already knew that, didn't you?

And so, just like you, they speak when they have something to say.

But more importantly, AG Bears are SUCH good listeners.


A brief note about AG's voicebox.
Voiceboxes rattle. That's a normal sound.
When the battery is inserted, you should hear a growl.
If you don't, first check to see that the battery is fresh and that it has been inserted properly.
Next, check to make certain the single 9 volt battery is making proper contact with the terminals.
If there is no sound whatsoever, (very, very unlikely) remove the voicebox and mail it to us, in a bubble wrap envelope, for immediate replacement.
Questions? Just ask. info@AGBear.com