ABOUT C.K.Gurin:

C.K.Gurin, a native Floridian and former resident of Rome and Milan, Italy, and Zug, Switzerland, (just outside Zurich) has been featured in multiple publications, including the Miami Herald and Wall Street Journal for creative marketing. She holds a real estate Brokers license and for many years specialized in the appraisal of multi-million dollar residential properties. Over her career she has held executive positions with The Kittendorf Company, Everglades Land and Development, The Morello Companies, The Summerland Group, and Treasure Coast Jewelers, (President). She attended Miami Dade College.

She has edited and co-written hundreds of stories in a wide variety of genres for her clients. (Romance, War, Science Fiction / Fantasy, Self-Help, Memoirs, Mystery, Adventure, Comedy, LGBTQ, etc.etc.)

She has also performed freelance voice over recordings for several years.

C.K. Gurin has also been pro-bono Managing Editor of The Bedtime-Story Literacy Project, and the award-winning children's story site, since 1996. Yahoo! proclaimed Bedtime-Story the number one children's story site on the web.

The Bedtime-Story site has also been featured by MSNBC, the BBC, MIT's Invention Dimension, and earned the Readers Digest Editors Choice Award.

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ABOUT : R.N.Gurin, B.S. M.S. Ph.D. (View CV)

Bob Gurin has been a volunteer member of the pro-bono editing team for the Bedtime-Story Literacy Project since 1996 and The Quantum Cat since 2016.

ABOUT Bedtime-Story

Since Its Debut in 1996 - The Bedtime-Story Literacy Project has functioned as a cooperative effort, giving talented authors and illustrators, both published and unpublished, the opportunity to familiarize traditional publishers, as well as the parents of young readers, with the quality of their creative work.

The site was designed to encourage literary and artistic creativity. We mentor, and provide editing as well as encouragement, to talented authors and artists whose works will undoubtedly influence young minds. Towards that end, we also strive for artistic synergy. An illustrator's work imparts visual depth to the author's tale, and the story helps to bring an illustrator's work to life.

Bedtime-Story's primary goal is to promote literacy, and help instill a lifetime joy of reading.

Bedtime-Story supports and encourages a strong parent-child relationship. We select works for publication which are judged to be entertaining, with the intent of fostering a positive shared experience that will remain in the child's memory for years to come.

Besides, we like to read the stories ourselves...

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Take a sneak peek at C.K.Gurin's newest novel,currently in progress
The Pawn Ticket



Author C.K. Gurin is represented by the Virginia Kidd Literary Agency,
her Agent is William Reeve. (WmReeve (AT) ptd.net

The Virginia Kidd Literary Agency is one of the longest established science fiction specialized literary agencies in the world. VKA embodies half a century of rich experience in the top end of the science fiction and fantasy genres. Their client list reads like a top notch "who's-who" of science fiction: Beth Bernobich, Gene Wolfe, Anne McCaffrey, Ted Chiang, Alan Dean Foster and others set the bar very high indeed. Their authors have won Hugos, Nebulas, World Fantasy, Tiptree, National Book Award, PEN Malamud, SFWA Grandmaster, Gandalf, Locus Award, Margaret Edwards Award, IAMTW Lifetime Achievement Award (Grand Master), Rhysling Award, Author Emeritus SFWA, BSFA Award and more. They represent the best of the best. C.K. Gurin is honored to be represented by VKA.

Inquiries from Publishers should be directed to Wiliam Reeve.